Firefighters Set Up Ladders To Rescue Raccoons From Fire

Aug 14, 2019

Earlier in the week, first responders rushed to a warehouse that was on fire in Indiana. When they got there, they found a pair of furry little creatures caught in the fire and smoke.

While some people would have let them die, these first responders didn’t hesitate a moment to act. The South Bend Fire Department found two very frightened raccoons that were trapped on the roof of the burning building. They didn’t have any way to escape the flames and smoke.

Because of this, the rescuers had to get creative with their rescue efforts. In order to get the two raccoons down, they put two ladders up to the building so they reached high enough to get to the top of the building. Then, they stook and waited.

The video shows exactly what happened next. The raccoons saw the ladders and climbed down them to safety. From below, cheers exploded from the people watching.

Because the firefighters acted so quickly and caringly, these two animals were saved from the tragedy that waited for them.

Some people might question why the firefighters chose to use their time to save the animals. They are just raccoons. But the fire department later stated on Facebook,

“'Some people would ask, "Why save the raccoons?' Life safety and property conservation are two priorities on a fire scene. Thanks to our crews for taking a few minutes to let the raccoons escape!"

Every life matters and they took the time to save two more, no matter the type of animal. Take time out of your day to watch these heroic firefighters!

The video below shows the heroic actions of our first responders:

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