Firefighters Caution The Public Not To Leave Water Bottles In Cars

Sep 16, 2019 by apost team

On hot summer days, it's not unheard of to bring a water bottle along with you. After all, if you're running errands under the hot sun, you're bound to get thirsty. However, just like the devastating effects that tsunamis, floods, storms, and droughts can have, a seemingly innocent water bottle can be just as dangerous when sitting abandoned in a car. 

The Lurking Danger

In fact, firefighters have found that water bottles that are left in a hot car for an extended amount of time can actually cause fires. Do you remember learning in class--or perhaps on TV--that you could set a piece of paper on fire with nothing more than a magnifying glass? Well, the same basic principles apply to a water bottle.

A fire department team actually conducted a study in which they tested if a water bottle could cause a fire. In the study, they measured the temperature of how hot the water became inside of a plastic water bottle. They found that the water reached 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is due to the way in which sunlight reacts with plastic and water. The plastic basically acts as the magnifying glass, heating the liquid within it. By being trapped already in a hot car, there's no way for the water to cool off. So, the liquid just burns hotter and hotter.

Take The Precautions Ozber

The most obvious method to prevent a potentially lethal event from occurring is to just not leave your plastic water bottle in the car. Take it with you when you go to the store or just don't bring it at all. You may even want to invest in a water bottle that keeps heat from entering the liquid. Just be sure that the outside container doesn't absorb heat either, otherwise, you're going to be left with the same end result--one burned down car.

You can also set a few reminders to take drinks of water here and there, so you don't feel the need to carry a bottle with you when you go out for errands or travel. However, if you just can't leave it at home and you don't want to bring the bottle of water with you in the car, then you should make sure you store the water bottle in a place that the sun can't reach it. The trunk is a viable solution. As is a cooler which, when filled with ice, can keep your bottle of water cool for hours to come.

Other Threats

If the threat to your car wasn't enough, then you may want to consider the impact hot plastic water bottles have on your health, too. A study showed that plastic, when under the hot sun, actually leaks antimony and bisphenol A into the water. When you take a drink of that water, you're unknowingly ingesting some of these dangerous chemicals.

The more that plastic water bottle sits under the sun, the more of those chemicals are being released into the water. Some of the problems that may arise by ingesting regular amounts of liquid tainted with antimony and bisphenol A are heart problems, stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting. It can also lead to an increased risk of cancer and can tamper with hormone levels. Considering that hormones play a vital role in your bodily functions and regulations, having them remain consistent is key to a healthy life. Some studies have even shown that drinking liquid tainted with antimony and bisphenol A can lead to spontaneous abortion and retinal bleeding.

So, if you're not worried about your car catching on fire, then you should definitely take the health concerns seriously. To keep yourself and your friends safe from the potentially harsh chemicals found in hot plastic water bottles, send this article to them. In addition, let us know what you think about plastic water bottles and the lurking dangers within.

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