Firefighters Arrived At Boy's Birthday Party After Hearing His Guests Hadn't Turned Up

Seven-year-old Dominic Giatras was very excited about his birthday party. It was a big event to which he invited 20 of his classmates, and his parents rented out a children's play facility for the afternoon in Plainfield, Illinois.

Noreen Mattson happened to be working the desk at the children's gym, the afternoon of Dominic's birthday party. After a while, the receptionist realized that something was wrong. Noreen reported to WGNTV that she realized there was a problem when no guests had shown up 10 minutes after the scheduled start of the party.

One guest ended up coming in after another five minutes had passed, but 20 minutes into the party, there was still only one person other than the birthday boy present at the celebration.

Noreen noticed that there were some parents lingering after a party that had taken place previously at the gym, and she realized that one of them was married to a firefighter. Noreen spoke with the woman about the boy's disappointing situation, and she called her husband who was working a shift at the local fire department.

At first, the firefighters thought it might be a prank call, but the sincerity and emotion of the woman on the phone convinced them that the situation was genuine. The firefighters felt that, if ever there were an emergency, then this was it. The firefighters all unanimously agreed to go rectify the situation without hesitation.

Little Dominic was standing by the door to the facility with waning hope that anyone else might arrive at his birthday party. He was almost ready to give up, but then something amazing happened: a fire truck arrived outside.

It turns out that the best remedy for a no-show birthday party is first responders. Little Dominic was ecstatic to see the firefighters, and the smile never left his face. Little kids look up to these brave firefighters as heroes.

The firefighters joined the party, and they became seven-year-old kids again. The Chicago Tribune reports that they played with Nerf guns and tossed Dominic into a foam pit. One of the firemen reported that they were running around like kids on the gym floor. The men shared pizza and cake with Dominic and left the town with a lesson in kindness.

The reason why only one of Dominic's friends showed up to the party is still a mystery, although his mother was recovering from pneumonia, and his aunt had to take on the job to organize the party. In any case, Dominic's seventh birthday ended up being a happy one nonetheless.

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