Firefighter Sees Stray Husky Wandering By Itself On Train Tracks, It Was Love At First Sight

We’ve all stumbled upon stray animals before, but many people are unsure about what to do when this happens. Lots of people end up taking in the animal and keeping them for a pet, while others choose to take these animals to shelters where they can be rehabilitated and later adopted.

Even though stray animals can be adorable, some of them are wild and feral and therefore could be dangerous to approach.

But when this firefighter stumbled upon a beautiful stray husky, he knew he only had one option: to save it. The firefighter’s name is Maxx Powell, and he posts videos about his daily life. One particular video, however, stands out from the rest. It was the day that he rescued a beautiful animal from danger.

In the video, Powell is driving along in the great outdoors when he stumbled upon something he had never expected to find: He saw a dog walking around railroad tracks. Quickly, Powell rushed to the dog’s side to prevent him from getting hit by a car or the train. When Powell looked into the eyes of the gorgeous husky, he fell in love instantly. He even immediately gave the dog a name—Merlin.

With no owner in sight, he was unsure about what to do with the animal. Even though the husky looked a bit lost, Merlin wasn’t afraid of Powell at all and treated him with kindness and affection.

Believing that the dog needed to be back with its owners, he took it to the animal clinic to get scanned for an identification chip. Not only did the animal not have a chip, but Merlin was actually a girl! Throughout the adorable video, Powell admits that he is gaining a bond and attachment to the dog.

Although he wanted to keep her, he needed to make sure that his wife would approve and that the dog did not have owners that wanted her back. However, Powell soon realized after posting about the dog on social media that she had owners anxiously awaiting her return.

Even though he did not get to keep “Merlin” as his forever friend, he is grateful that he found her that day and potentially saved her life. What do you think about this story? Have you ever rescued an animal?