Firefighter Ends Up Adopting Veteran's Dog He Bonded With At A Photo Shoot For Charity

Animal rescue organizations rely on donations to keep their non-profit businesses running. Sometimes, they also need volunteers and other types of fundraising events in order to help things run smoothly.

But when donations dwindle despite the number of pets coming in that need help, other means may be necessary to come up with the cash. The Charleston Animal Society has a creative idea in order to make money for their organization.

Each year, they ask firefighters to participate in a charity photoshoot in order to make a yearly calendar. The calendar is increasingly popular not only because of the shirtless and heroic firemen but also because of the adorable rescue animals they pose with!

A firefighter named Rob Tackett decided to participate in the good cause, but he never could have imagined that this participation would end up leading him to a new best friend!

Rob Tackett posed as “Mr. March” for the calendar back in 2017, and his companion for the photoshoot was an adorable German Shepherd puppy that the shelter named Kimber. The puppy was shy, partially due to her background.

The dog was found on the streets homeless, hairless, malnourished, and helpless at such a young age. But when she was taken in and rescued by the Charleston Animal Society, she quickly recovered and grew up to be a beautiful and loving dog.

Sadly, she still didn’t have a home, despite her calm and friendly nature, until Steve Hall finally came along. Hall was a veteran, who served three separate tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, securing his role as a top-notch Marine sniper.

But sadly, like many other veterans, he fell victim to PTSD, which gave him awful nightmares, panic, anxiety, and flashbacks. Hall had a dog named Scout that helped him cope with his symptoms, but the dog sadly passed away and the PTSD returned more vicious than ever.

But then, Hall and his wife found Kimber and got her a PTSD companion certification.

But when Hall was going through health issues that required surgery for his neck and back, he needed someone to take care of Kimber. And who could he ask, other than the firefighter from the calendar, Tackett!

After the surgery was done, he wasn’t recovering as well as he thought he would. When he realized that Kimber and Tackett had developed an unbreakable bond, he knew what he had to do. He asked Tackett if he would be interested in adopting the adorable dog.

Happy to take on such an honor from his veteran friend, Tackett agreed. Since October, the two have lived together in harmony and are two peas in a pod! Tackett even wants to pursue more training for Kimber in order for her to become a comfort dog for other veterans that are suffering.

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