Firefighter Dad Bursts Into 'Ave Maria' At Hotel Lobby And Knocks His Daughter's Socks Off

Sep 17, 2021 by apost team

If you have ever visited Disney World, you know that it is a place where you can have wonderful experiences. However, some guests add even more magic by displaying their amazing gifts. One man named Justin Gigliello amazed all people at the resort his family was staying at when he started to sing.

Back in 2019, Justin was vacationing with his family at the Grand Floridian Resort located in Orlando, Florida. The family was staying in the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa directly belonging to the popular family vacation spot. Justin was just getting ready to go out for lunch with his family.

They saw a pianist dressed in a tuxedo sitting at the grand piano in the resort's lobby on the way to the resort's restaurant. The musician was happily playing along and entertaining the guests, just doing the job he had been hired to do. At first, Justin started to dance with Lyla, his 6-year-old daughter. Little children are known to be whimsical now and then, and the grand atmosphere around them might have well inspired little Lyla to go for a dance. However, Lyla had another great idea after the father-daughter duo had finished their impromptu performance.

The pianist had just finished playing his song when Lyla walked up to him to proudly say that her daddy also played the piano. Justin sheepishly explained to the pianist that his gift was focused more on singing. However, it soon became apparent that Justin's talent reached far beyond ordinary singing. After the pianist had been convinced to allow the young father to sing, no doubt swayed by the daughter's hopeful glances, the audience was quickly shocked by an unexpectedly amazing performance.  

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"Looks can be deceiving" is a well-known saying. Back in 2019 on that day, it was certainly true. Wearing a simple football shirt and shorts, Justin did not look like somebody who had experience with opera or classical music. This impression was even more amplified by the tuxedo-clad pianist sitting in front of the piano next to him. He looked like the typical football dad that you would expect to have played back in college.

However, it just so happened to be that Justin not only had some experience with classical music but that he had even been classically trained. Justin attended The Boston Conservatory, where he was professionally trained to perform as an opera singer. He also teaches voice lessons at his home in Connecticut and yes, he was also taught to play the piano. Also, Justin is a volunteer fireman at the North Stonington Volunteer Fire Department.

After a quick exchange of words, the pianist took to his instrument and started playing "Ave Maria." People were stunned and quickly stopped and stared when they heard Justin start singing. His voice filled the hotel lobby as a small but appreciative audience began to gather around the piano.

In the video, Lyla looks at her dad with adoration in her eyes. Justin later uploaded the video to Twitter. People could not get over the look on his daughter's face. Lyla later told NBC News that she loves listening to her dad singing this particular song: "I really like him singing that song." It seems as if Justin's biggest fan just might be his own daughter.

Young Lyla was also keenly aware that the other guests were listening and watching her dad's impromptu performance. As she proudly told NBC News: "He sang it out loud and almost everyone took a video of him."

Lyla's mom, Lauren, mentioned that Lyla loves Justin's singing voice. Justin and Lyla frequently sing together. Plus, Justin sings Lyla to sleep every night. After Justin finished singing in the hotel lobby, everyone began to cheer and clap. Since he had focused completely on the music and his singing, Justin was taken a bit aback and, as he later told NBC News, he was also very amazed. "People started stopping and at the end just hearing the applause and I just couldn't believe it." 

Justin was more than overjoyed at the favorable response. He and his parents used to visit Disney World when he was a boy. They stayed at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, which was right next door to the Grand Floridian Resort.

They used to walk to the Grand Floridan Resort lobby and listen to the musicians play their instruments. Justin admitted that he had always loved this music, and it had played a part in his decision to pursue classical music as his career. So, not only did the recent event bring up happy memories of Justin's childhood, but it also was a little bit like a dream come true for him. As Justin's influence on his daughter has given her a desire to become a professional singer one day, there might one day be the third generation of Gigliellos visiting the Grand Floridian to listen to the music in the lobby and remember happy times as a family.  

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