Fire Department Captain Picks Up Elderly Lady In His Arms To Help Her Up Stairs

Aug 14, 2019

Shayla and Thomas Harwell didn't know that their lives would transform during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The couple attended this event at the NRG Park with their young child. The family was looking to have a quiet evening of fun and relaxation while watching Brad Paisley live in concert.

Shayla, Thomas, and their child were waiting patiently for the rodeo to start when they spotted an elderly woman who was struggling to move down the stairs. In an interview with CNN, Shayla Harwell revealed that she nudged her husband to help the older woman.

Without hesitation, Thomas approached the struggling lady and helped her to her seat. The older woman was with her family at the time. Shayla Harwell told CNN,

"I nudged my husband and told him that they may need help."

For most people, that act of kindness would have been the end. However, the Harwell family isn't like everyone else. The couple continued to watch the family throughout the show to make sure they didn't need any more help.

When the event ended, Thomas knew that he was going to help the older woman make here way back up the stairs. He couldn't leave the stadium without helping one more time.

After the last song, Thomas went back downstairs to the family and helped the woman leave the event. Thomas asked the elderly woman if he could carry her up the stairs. At first, the older woman hesitated.

After agreeing to the proposition, Thomas picked her up and made his way up the stairs. This is when Shayla decided to capture the act of kindness with a photo.

She posted the photo online and bragged about her husband's kind act. She described the situation in the post and shared it with all of her followers. The post received significant attention from Shayla's audience and eventually made it to the mainstream media.

When Thomas reached the exit, he let the older woman down gently. She was wearing the brightest smile and continued to fervently thank Thomas for his actions. Thomas has been working as a firefighter for over a decade with the Hardin Volunteer Fire Department.

He is currently ranked as the senior captain of his department. Thomas said that his job is to help others. Despite receiving a lot of attention from the press, Thomas revealed that his intention was simply to help the older woman. Thomas believes that everyone should be willing to help those in need.

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