Finland Plans To Grant Dads Same Parental Leave As Moms

Another name has joined the roster of countries committed to giving fathers more of that crucial time parents need with their infant children. While Finland currently has a longer span of paid parental leave than many other countries, the country's 2020 plans include lengthening the overall leave time, as well as making the father's amount of leave equal to that of the mother's. 

Fathers Don’t Get Enough Parental Leave

Currently, Finland offers new fathers of children a mere 2.2 months of parental leave. This is slightly more than half the 4.2 months guaranteed to young mothers. For parents who want more time, six months of shared leave is also available. The prime minister Finland, Sanna Marin, said she wants to "promote wellbeing and gender equality."

Or They Don’t Take It

According to BBC, Finnish fathers are also not getting enough infant bonding time because they don't take their allotted leave time. Recent statistics show that only one in four Finnish fathers are taking their parental leave. Finland's government officials have encouraged new fathers to take their leave in order to promote strong family relationships and gender equality.

Strengthening Finland One Family At A Time

A new Finnish law aims to give newborns a better start by providing them with more uninterrupted time with their parents. Under this new regulation, each parent would be eligible for 6.6 months of leave. A single parent would receive both paid leave periods for a total of 14 months of bonding time with their new child.

Such progress is revolutionary news for families everywhere! What do you think of Finland's new family-forward legislation? Perhaps you managed to bond with your child despite not having much, or any, parental leave. Leave your tale of triumphant parenting or your support for family-forward legislation here as an inspiring example for others to follow.