Find Out Why You Should Never Risk Charging Your Phone Overnight!

Charging your phone overnight will make it explode. That is a worry many people have. Fortunately, it isn't true. But leaving your phone on the charger all night long can damage it in other ways. It can hurt the battery and cause your phone to overheat. Both of those things can cause you to have to replace your phone a lot sooner than necessary. That can end up becoming very expensive depending on the type of phone you have.

If you want your phone to last a good long time and continue to function properly, it's never a good idea to charge it overnight.

A Warning Commonly Ignored

One warning very few people pay attention to is when the clerk that sold them their new smartphone warns them not to charge their phone overnight. Most people forget this admonition as soon as they walk away with their brand new phone. Their only thought is how they can have the most fun with it. Then before you know it they are back at the store complaining about problems with the battery and the phone. Few people connect that leaving their phone plugged in all night has overcharged it and is the reason the battery and the phone are no longer working as they should.

Understanding The Problem

How long and how often you charge your phone has a significant impact on the battery. While overcharging your phone's battery is usually not dangerous, unless it overheats and ignites a fire in your sheets or pillows, it does damage the battery. Leaving the phone plugged in after the battery reaches 100% weakens the battery and impairs its ability to hold a charge. While charging your phone longer than necessary won't lead to an explosion, it can begin to become a drain on your savings if you find yourself having to replace the battery or the phone every few months.

A Bad Habit

Many people use their phones as alarm clocks. To ensure it has enough power to wake them up, they plug it into the charger before they go to bed and leave it there all night long. From the very first time you turn on your phone, both the lithium-ion battery as well as the lead-acid case that surrounds it begin to degrade. Overcharging the phone by leaving it plugged in while you sleep speeds of the process and causes the battery to degrade much faster. But most people find this bad habit hard to break and instead their phone only lasts a few months before they have to replace it.

A Constant Flow Of Energy

When the battery on your phone is fully charged, it stops drawing energy from the charger. However, if it remains plugged in, it will begin to draw power again as soon as its power level drops to 99%. When you charge your phone overnight, this process repeats itself countless times. This puts unnecessary strain on the battery. This constant intake of energy also causes the temperature of the phone to rise and excessive heat damages the battery. After a few months, the battery will be seriously damaged and have to be replaced. You can go through several batteries a year because you overcharge your phone every night.

Charge Your Phone The Smart Way

Experts recommend waiting until your battery is low before charging it. They point out letting it go down to 0% before charging it is also hard on the battery. Instead, they suggest keeping the phone unplugged most of the time and only plugging it in when the battery level is between 30% and 40%. They also recommend removing any protective case you put over the phone when you plug it in to charge. Taking off the protective case will help the battery to remain cool while it charges. This is better for both the battery and the phone and can help to prolong their lives.

Use A Smart Outlet

If you are worried your phone's battery will die during the night and you will be late for work or school, consider buying a smart outlet. This programmable gadget turns off the current from time to time and prevents your phone from overcharging.

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