Find Out What Your Valentine's Zodiac Sign Says About You This Year

It's that time of the year where love is in the air, and all the couples come together and share how much they love one another. Are you a soppy romantic or do you think the little things matter the most? 

Find out what your Valentine's zodiac says about you this year!

Scroll down and find your birth month❤️. (You might as well look up your partners too 😉) 

Aries - March 21st to April 19th

You may feel a little out of your comfort zone this Valentine's day. The stars show that you will have a compassionate, soothing evening instead of having an evening packed with activities.  You and your partner are going to have a night full of magic and understanding. You'll know what to do when the time is right! Enjoy the moment, and be patient for that one special kiss that comes from the heart. 

Taurus - April 20th to May 20th

This is your Marvin Gaye moment. Put some background some music on and let the night begin with your partner. "Let's Get It On" is what your night is made of. Let the energy seep into your veins and run with it by relaxing and going with the flow. Remember Less is more and simple is good. 

Gemini - May 21st to June 20th

You don't need to say those three words if you don't want to, but that doesn't mean there is nothing to be said. The love you show comes from your heart, and your partner knows it! Honestly, or even bluntness is the best way for you to make it through a very special V-day evening. Be gentle, caring and soft and chances are the night will go the way you want it too. 

Cancer - June 21st to July 22nd

Well this going to be a weird one for you, not weird bad don't worry. You will come across some new experiences which you haven't thought about before, but you must trust your instincts and your partner and try to enjoy the moment as much as possible. Relax your body let the love rush through your veins. You will know if your crush is the right person for you if he can match your intensity which will overcome you this V-day. 

Leo - July 23rd to August 22nd

Don't be tempted to read into your partners silence, Leo's don't give up easily. You will be stunned by the surprise he lets you on with. But, also don't act to cool, be obvious when you flirt, be passionate and he will follow through with your passion. Unless you get a clear sign that things aren't going the way you planned, let the evening flow and enjoy the moment. After the evening has passed, you will know for sure whether this is the man for you. 

Virgo - August 23rd to September 22nd

Don't take every moment you have this v-day as a sign of being positive or negative, because how fun is that? This day is all about mysteries for you, and you need to be open to this. Valentine's will be soft, caring and loving so don't focus on something that could go wrong but rather enjoy what is happening, take every step as it comes and be spontaneous in your actions. Be ready to welcome love in every form that it occurs, because your partner will be more open to you the more you let him be in control of your happiness. 

Libra - September 23rd to October 22nd

This is your night! You may see yourself drinking champagne in a jacuzzi or being whisked off to a fancy restaurant or even a quiet night in front of the fire. You need to prepare yourself for all possibilities, making sure you are ready for whatever comes in the evening. Spend the evening soaking in all the guilty pleasures you've held back over the years. Unleash these to your partner, and you'll see what has been missing in your relationship until now. Be true to yourself and take notice of all the signals that lie before you. 

Scorpio - October 23rd to November 21st

It won't be so easy for you to get exactly what you want this Valentine's day, so you must be clear to your partner what is it that you want without being too forceful. To go forward with your relationship, you'll have to take a step back and slow it down and let your partner take control. When your "In the moment" you must observe what your partner wants and needs out of your relationship. If you give him some attention the way he wants it, everything you are craving will fall right into place before your eyes. 

Sagittarius - November 22nd to December 21st

You need to be careful because your body and mind might be having two different agendas this Valentine's day. Listen to your body, understand what it is that it wants and how it's going to get it. You will get to know the deep desires of your partner and embrace them. You should consider if the night will consist of passion in the bedroom or a more subtle glass of wine over dinner. Let go with whatever is holding you back from going to the next level of your relationship, only then will you ever know if he is right for you or not. 

Capricorn - December 22nd to January 19st

You are a wild one this Valentine's day, so no matter what happens, you will get exactly what you want and when you want it from your crush! It is that one time in the year where you are forthcoming with your feelings. Get it all out, and don't leave any gaps. So if you want to get on it, be soft at first then wait until the moment is right before going all the way. You will have the right words to say when the time is right, just listen to your heart and let the evening take control.

Aquarius - January 20th to February 18th

This is your season! You are full of passion and love it is seeping out of veins! Why? Because you know the secret to finding love and maintaining it for many years to come. You know full well that love is about giving someone's freedom and letting these special moments count. You are not one to indulge in romance during other months of the year except this one, and your partner knows it. Even if he doesn't, he soon will. Do what you do best this year and enjoy every moment of it. 

Pisces - February 19th to March 20th

This Valentine's anything goes! This is not the time to panic, and you will feel relaxed, soothed and full of love the moment your partner kisses your lips. This day is all about magic, let your passion control the night and don't let anyone stop you. Feel good for what you have and feel lucky for what you will receive. Spend the evening like you were young again and chase down your impulses! 



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