Find Out What Your Birth Month Butterfly Reveals About You

Sep 29, 2017 by apost team

Butterflies are powerful representations of life and each month of the year has a specific butterfly associated with it. All around the world, butterflies are a symbol of hope and change but scroll down to see what your specific birth month butterfly reveals about your personality!


You have a great heart and a friendly ear for everyone. Everyone admires you for your optimism and positivity. You are as beautiful and free as a butterfly and you make others happy just by walking into a room. You may not have noticed this but people turn to you because they admire your aura and presence.


As soon as you enter a room, all eyes are on you. Your confident personality is so vibrant that no one can keep their eyes off you. All eyes turn towards you because you charm everyone with your confident attitude. People either love you or they don't.


You might not always know the way out of a sticky situation, but you would never give up. That is your best quality. Your intuition leads your way. You are a steady and determined person with a zest for life and you also have a deep side to your personality.


You're an emotional person and you're not afraid of showing it. People admire your sensitive side and love you for it. You may not want to believe this but it is true: You make the world a better place with your peaceful attitude.


You're such an amazing person! Sadly your perfect appearance is intimidating to some. Those who know you however love you just the way you are. You are an imposing personality but that doesn’t mean that you lack depth, you would go to any length to help and support your friends and family.


You might not believe it but you make the world a better place with your peaceful personality. You are a wonderful person! You are very sensitive and have an intuition for other people's wishes. Don’t forget that you make for an extraordinary partner.


You are incredibly brave which makes you such a strong character. Yet, you also have a very sensitive side which you rarely show. You are always nice and respectful to the people around you - the world would be a better place if only there were more people like you!


Everyone around you admires you for your incredible honesty. Not many people can admit when they've made a mistake the way you can. You manage to win over people’s trust quite easily and love to be the center of attention


You are a curious and an inquisitive person with great imagination and who loves to daydream. Even if nothing goes according to plan, you still know where you want to go and how you are going to get there. People admire this about you and are ready to follow in your footsteps.


You are someone who tackles problems with a lot of energy and determination while still keeping a balance in your life. You have a huge heart and are willing to lend an ear to anyone who needs it. You are very helpful and attentive. But be careful, because not everyone will appreciate the good in you.


Your head is always bursting with ideas and you love taking in your surroundings and observing the people around you. Not everyone may understand that you live in your own world. Your head might always be stuck in the clouds but your feet remain firmly planted on the ground.


You have really come a long way in life. But the special thing about you is that you never get enough and are always hoping for more in life. You are an emotional person and are not afraid to show it. You don’t hide your feelings because you are not ashamed of standing up to your mistakes. People admire this about you.


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