Find Out What Babies Can Do at Different Ages: From Birth to 1 Year Old

Being the parent of a newborn is simultaneously exciting and terrifying like all great things in life are. Having a baby for the first time ever is particularly its own challenge, essentially uncharted territory and not really knowing what to expect from your little one. While every baby is a little different, they are certain patterns that can be generally followed to track a baby's development from newborn to one year old.

One Month Old

At just a month, the baby will still be developing basic motor functions. Head movement will still be limited to mainly side to side. Movements of the arms and legs will still be very jerky with a strong reflex reaction. Visual focus will still be limited to less than a foot away though the baby will know certain smells (like Mommy).

Two Months Old

Responses will become more pronounced such as coos and smiles towards familiar people.

The baby will also begin to react to sounds by moving the head. It is also around this time the baby will be able to lift the head a bit during tummy time. It is also around this time that the baby will realize their hand works pretty well as a pacifier.

Three Months Old Debenport

Motor functions will continue to improve as the baby can more easily lift the head while on the stomach and will be able to open and close their hands. This growing dexterity will allow them to grasp and shake toys. Recognition of familiar faces will occur at further distances. Voices such as Mommy and Daddy may bring a smile to the baby's face. It is also during this time that the baby will babble.

Four Months Old

The baby will be capable of holding their head on their own. Hand/eye coordination will also begin to form as the baby grabs things they see. Should the baby's feet be placed against a hard surface, they will attempt to use their legs to push off in their beginning attempts to move about. The baby will begin to visually react to loved ones with smiles and will respond to displays of affection.

Five Months Old

For all the sleep deprived mommies and daddies out there, this is the month to work towards. At this stage in the game, the baby will start to sleep for longer and longer periods of time without the need for as much periodic feeding. The baby might even sleep through the whole night. The baby is probably going to learn how to roll over from the back to the belly and vice versa. This month will also show greater perception of color and more acute use of finger dexterity.

Six Months Old Debenport

This is when the babble is going to start forming into simple words such as "mama" and "dada." This is also when the baby will start to recognize their name and respond to it and will also recognize their own reflection in the mirror. Stability will also continue to progress as the baby will be able to start sitting without any sort of support. This might also be where the baby might begin to crawl. This is also when the baby might begin to teethe.

Seven Months Old

As the baby continues crawling, they will be able to discover objects that partially obscured. These objects will now be able to move from one hand to another. The baby's visual range will improve and color recognition will be fully formed. This is also when the baby is now going to consciously recognize differences in voice tone.

Eight Months Old Alija

The baby will start to realize they can pull themselves by grabbing things like the couch or the wall. The baby will also begin to be able to dance to music. Emotions will also become more complex as they express things like anger or humor. As object permanence fully grows, the baby will now start to realize when loved ones are not around and react accordingly.

Nine Months Old

Discernment will set in as the baby will now have favorite toys. The baby's range of noises will expand, including attempts to copy noises they hear. This is also when they start to understand the concept of "no."

Ten Months Old

Motor functions like squatting and pincer-style grabbing will begin. The baby will also now understand simple commands and might now have commands themselves via raised arms indicating they want to be picked up. They'll also be able to drink from a sippy cup now.

Eleven Months Old Alija

The baby will begin to experiment with their legs by walking while holding furniture and possibly even trying to stand on one leg. Standing unsupported and feeding themselves with finger foods will also happen now. This is also when tantrums happen.

Twelve Months Old

As the baby reaches their birthday, earnest walking will begin. More conscious understanding of words and gestures will happen. The baby will also begin to understand the purpose of things such as brushes and phones. This is also when the baby will begin to "experiment" with objects by doing things like throwing and banging things.

While every child is going to be different and certain things may shift around in the timeline, this pattern is a rough guideline to use in preparation for the baby's development. As a baby grows and progresses throughout their first year of life, parents can guarantee on a roller coaster of joyful discoveries and frustrating challenges. Throughout a child's first year and beyond, this developments will make all the hard work worth it.

Our content is created to the best of our knowledge, yet it is of general nature and cannot in any way substitute an individual consultation with your doctor. Your health is important to us!