Female Army Captain Falls To The Ground But Millions Are Stumped At Soldier's Actions Toward Her

One female Army Captain, named Sarah Cudd, almost completed a vigorous 12-mile hike through the woods while carrying seventy pounds of equipment strapped onto her back in 2015. This came after days of in-the-field exercises, testing and combat manoeuvres. 

She only had minutes remaining on the test, which can take up to three hours. The requirement of this performance was to earn an Expert Field Medical Badge in the Army, and she was determined to complete it. When it seemed she would break down, her fellow soldiers started shouting at her to get back up and get it done.

With just minutes left in her test, her legs felt like they were going to give out. Instead of letting her body win, Captain Cudd chose to think “mind over matter” and push through the test.

Cudd continued to stand up as straight as she could, lift up her gear, and keep her head held high. With the aid of the fellow soldiers cheering her on to complete the test, she was finally able to excitedly cross the completion line with just a few minutes left on the clock.


Captain Cudd and all of her peers were training for weeks in order to prepare for the Expert Field Medical Badge training.

The weather in their area, Fort Dix, New Jersey, had been full of rain but still warm temperatures, making the test more difficult with the conditions. After she got strapped in with her gear, tied up her shoelaces and cleared her mind, Captain Cudd was ready to take on the course.

The hours went by slowly and painfully as Captain Cudd tried to maneuver her way through the grueling 12-mile trek. Minutes ticked down, and she was beginning to feel the pressure of the challenge. Even if she tripped and had fallen, she refused to give up and persevered through the entire thing with optimism.

When most people would have called it quits, she bravely continued on in order to show everybody that she could get through this.

However, when Captain Cudd was nearing her final steps, she felt the weight of the world on her shoulders as she questioned if she would be able to complete the mission.

Would she be able to earn her Expert Field Medical Badge?

Rather than give in to fatigue with only one mile out of twelve to go, the courageous soldier found her will to keep going and continue marching.

The video below showcases the final moments of Captain Cudd’s march, in which you can see her summoning all of her strength to complete the trek and walk across the finish line with her head held high.

Her peers, the other soldiers, were there to happily cheer her on and support her in her endeavors!

It’s clear that this group is a tight-knit community. These types of tests are just one way that soldiers everywhere prove that they are brave, courageous and willing to go through anything to sacrifice for their country. 

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