'Fearless' Bride Wears Sheer Wedding Dress To Teach Her Future Daughter A Life Lesson

May 24, 2023 by apost team

In a bold move that sparked both admiration and criticism, bride Ashley Raso made a powerful fashion statement on her wedding day by wearing a sheer, see-through wedding dress. While some condemned her choice as lacking in class, Raso stood by her decision and shared the important message behind her unconventional attire, which was to teach her "future daughter to be fearless."

The 26-year-old bride from Sydney, Australia, captured the attention of social media after her TikTok video about her sheer wedding dress raked over 265,000 views. Raso uploaded the video on May 9, 2023, to showcase the process of getting stitched into the ethereal frock by the talented Australian couturiers Danny and Isabelle from House of Harper. 

Underneath the lace and beaded appliqués of the dress, Raso wore a white strapless bralette and matching underwear to maintain some privacy. However, her midriff, thighs, back, and buttocks were beautifully revealed.

She explained in the video that the couturiers were "instantly on board" when she approached them about her see-through wedding dress. She also said that the idea reflected her passion for fashion and design.

Transparent wedding dresses echo a larger trend of brides embracing see-through gowns to make a statement. While such dresses continue to draw controversy, they serve as a reminder of the evolving fashion landscape and the power of self-expression, especially in a world where societal expectations often dictate what one should wear.

The controversy surrounding Raso's dress was evident in the mixed reviews on TikTok. Some followers accused her of lacking class and elegance on her wedding day, while others slut-shamed her for wearing such revealing attire in the presence of family and friends. While some commenters disapproved of her choice, others applauded Raso's bravery and praised her as an icon. 

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One commenter on the video said that the bride should have just worn the dress instead of pretending it was to teach her daughter a life lesson. 

“This isn’t teaching your daughter to be ‘fearless,'" another commenter wrote, per New York Post. "Have some class or elegance on your wedding day." 

Another follower told Raso that while she loves her for her bold choice, she won't likely be able to face her father-in-law and husband’s extended family if she wore a see-through wedding dress.

The commenter also felt that the dress was more appropriate for an afterparty and not for the actual wedding ceremony. Incidentally, Raso had a different wedding dress on during the reception, and it was a lot less revealing when she stood for her speech or when she had the father-daughter dance. 

Despite the polarizing opinions, Raso remained resolute in her belief that her future daughter would appreciate her boldness. Undeterred by the backlash, Raso also underscored the intention behind her transparent wedding dress and expressed gratitude to House of Harper for bringing her vision to life. 

Raso believed that her dress would not only instill fearlessness in her future daughter but it will inspire her to take risks that would lead to happiness.

"My future daughter will thank you one day for allowing her (mom) to be fearless and take risks that make her happy," Raso said, adding that the end result exceeded her expectations. 

A supporter told Raso not to mind the lame comments because the bottom line was it was her wedding day, her life and her dress.


Ashley Raso's wedding dress sparks conversations about personal expression, societal norms, and the impact of fashion choices. Did you like her choice or do you think it was too much for a wedding? Know someone who might be interested in this story? Then tell them all about it!

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