Fathers Perform Delightful 'Swan Lake' Ballet Routine Together

Apr 06, 2021 by apost team

There's no denying that when a man has a daughter it can be a life-changing experience for him. No longer can he be too proud to take part in traditionally girly things such as tea parties, playing with barbies, or dressing up as fairy princesses. Some dads even go above and beyond and take dance classes with their daughters. 

That was true for one group of dads who donned tutus in honor of their daughters in 2017. But they weren't dressing up for just one dance class, they went to incredible lengths to learn a full five-minute choreography to a famous dance from the ballet "Swan Lake!" And not only that but they performed it fully dressed up, tutus and all, in front of a crowd of adults to celebrate International Women's Day. That is some serious dad dedication!

Eight men in total performed the routine, and once it begins, it's clear this is not some impromptu performance — these men have trained for hours to nail this choreography as if they were training for a big football game. And despite not being dancers themselves, there is actually some grace to their moves, as well as a whole lot of comedy. 

Tchaikovsky's ballet is one of the classics, which shows that the men weren't willing to go small for their big day — they wanted to prove that they can dance in the best way. Their routine is from the second act and is set to the "Dance of the Little Swans," one of the more iconic dances from the ballet. 

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Dads donning pink and dressing up for their daughters is nothing new, but instead of doing so for a dance class, one group of eight dads took the time and effort to learn choreography and perform a ballet routine set to "Swan Lake." As would be expected, the routine is hilarious, but less expectedly, the men actually have some moves! Sure, they might not move as quickly or as skilled as their daughters would, but considering the challenge they took on, they ended up showing they had a whole lot of grace.

While it's unclear where the video comes from, it was uploaded to YouTube in 2017, where it's been gaining traction ever since, and rightfully so — these men poured their hearts and souls into this performance and the world should be lucky to see it. 

For their big day, they didn't want to limit themselves, so they looked to one of the most popular ballets — "Swan Lake," whose music was composed by Tchaikovsky in 1875. The premise deals with Prince Siegfried, who falls in love with a swan princess named Odette. Due to a spell by an evil sorcerer, Odette is a swan by day who swims on a lake of tears, while at night she transforms into her beautiful human form. As with many fairy tales, there is something that stops the prince and his love from being together, but by the end, Prince Siegfried and Odette live happily ever after. "Swan Lake" is a romantic classic, which makes it all the funnier that the dads chose it to perform to.


As their routine begins, the men saunter out onto the performance area, tippy-toeing with their hands elegantly in the air. They certainly look the part, as they wear white long-sleeve shirts, tiny white shorts, pink tutus, and white-and-pink headbands. They're basically wearing their daughters' costumes but super-sized, which makes them look all the more ridiculous.

If anyone doubted what their "performance" would look like, they'd be happily surprised — these men didn't come to play by halves, they went the full hog. Soon enough they begin to pirouette, plié, and grande jeté all over the floor, showing that they really must have taken lessons to perform this feat. They're not totally in rhythm or as flexible and limber as professional dancers might be, but they're certainly trying! As they continue through their routine it's impossible not to laugh, but at the same time, it's also impossible to not be impressed! 

What's more, they've chosen one of the most iconic songs from the ballet to perform to, the "Dance of the Little Swans." This is once again impressive yet hilarious at the same time. The original choreography for this scene is meant to mimic cygnets (baby swans) as they move and huddle together. The beginning of the choreography sees them performing in unison before they break apart and attempt to "fly" at the end before dropping to the ground. As you can imagine, this is particularly hilarious when enacted by grown men in pink tutus. The crowd they're performing to are enthralled, with many recording the performance as well. By the end of the routine, these eight grown men in tutus have totally stolen the show and our hearts!

What did you think of this hilarious ballet effort by eight grown men? If you were impressed — or amused — pass this video on to those you know!

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