Father Wins Over $1.2 Million On Scratch Card And Buys Home For His Autistic Kids

Nov 08, 2019

People are talking about a British man who seems to have a knack for winning big. Some are even calling him “Britain’s Luckiest Man” after he has won two major prizes in the past five years.

According to Metro, Darren Donaghey and his wife Kate live in the city of Newcastle and first gained notoriety after Darren won a radio contest in 2014. The couple was awarded a fantasy honeymoon for winning the “Punching Above Your Weight” contest held by a prominent radio station that sought out couples who people perceived to have different levels of attractiveness.

Darren commented that people often speculate on how he won the heart of his lovely wife, but he said the answer is quite simple - they fell in love.


Now Darren is in the news again because he purchased a National Lottery scratch card that was worth 1 million pounds equivalent to over 1.2 million dollars. Since the big win, Darren and Kate have moved into a larger home valued at £460,000($589,220) according to Metro

However, Darren says that the biggest benefit of the win for his family is that it will allow him to better meet the needs of his 4-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son who are both autistic.

Winning the lottery has allowed Darren to quit his call center job and help his wife care for their children. The couple is also working with a financial planner to ensure the children’s needs will be met even after they reach adulthood.

Darren’s win has also been beneficial to other members of his family with his brother moving into the home his family once lived in and Kate using some of the winnings to help members of her family.

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