Father Speaks Out Weeks After Baby’s Death With Important Warning For All To See

New parents, Jess and Natasha, were ecstatic to be new parents when their baby girl was born. However, they were devastated when their newborn baby passed away suddenly just three weeks after they brought her home. When they learned how their daughter died, their feelings of sadness were replaced with anger.

Her death could have been prevented.

It wasn’t until a month after their daughter, Mallory’s, death that they were ready to speak out about it. They felt it was important to spread the word and try to prevent someone else’s suffering.

Jeff wrote about how his daughter died in a heartfelt and educational Facebook post.


As stated in Jeff’s post, Mallory passed away because someone held her without washing their hands. It was something that could have been easily prevented. HSV-1 was transferred to Mallory because someone touched her without washing their hands. As a newborn baby, Mallory was constantly putting her hands in her mouth.

This is how she contracted HSV-1.

It is estimated that 67% of all humans are carriers of HSV-1. However, many people never experience symptoms in their lifetime. While HSV-1 is very treatable in adults, it can be deadly for babies. This is why people need to be so careful about washing their hands around babies.


Not all babies who come into contact with HSV-1 are infected. Doctors are unsure why Mallory was one of the unlucky few. However, Mallory’s parents are spreading the word that it is possible for babies to die from just one HSV-1 infected person. It is worth the few minutes it takes to wash your hands.

A few minutes of your time could save a baby’s life.

Do you have a new baby? How diligent are you about people washing their hands before coming into contact with your baby? Let us know your thoughts of Jeff and Natasha’s story.