Father Observes Little Daughter’s 'Darker Brown' Features, Secretly Takes Paternity Test

Nov 10, 2023 by apost team

Genetics and physical features are unique, as even twins have some distinct characteristics. So, it is safe to say that it is not rare to see a kid who significantly stands out among their family members. However, the level of disparity could lead to questions and, in turn, cause drama if the situation gets out of hand.

A Redditor faced this plight when her spouse decided to take a paternity test due to the physical features and skin tone of their young daughter. The mom with the username THrowRA50centhex took to the relationship_advice subreddit in 2022, where she relayed how things turned awry in her family because her husband took matters into his hands during a sensitive situation. 

The Redditor began by giving a background story of her family, noting that it was quite pertinent to the development of her story. She revealed that her spouse was of Serbian descent as she noted that his family was fully white. In contrast, she described herself as someone of a darker skin tone. She added that she was Brazilian-American. 

The Reddit mom took a deeper dive into her family, noting that while her dad was white, her mom had a darker skin tone due to their Black descent. The user also mentioned that because her spouse was family-oriented, they were often around his family, which she felt was good for their toddler daughter. Her husband’s family was also close to hers, but the case was different with her mom because they were estranged. 

The issue began after she gave birth. The Reddit mom made it known that when she had their daughter, the baby came out looking more like her dad’s part of the family, skin color-wise and in the smoothness of her hair.

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However, when their little girl turned 3, her skin took on a more melanated color. She shared, “She has slowly been turning a much darker brown,” while her hair got kinkier. Although the change was not expected, the Redditor noted that she and her spouse embraced their baby’s unique features. 

The case was a bit different with his family as they began making jokes about their little girl's skin color. The Redditor explained: “His family started making jokes about 'the milkman' and jokes about how I went into the sun way too often during pregnancy. I didn't think much of it as Serbians aren't known for their politically correct humour…”

However, the mom noted that the jokes became too frequent and uncomfortable. She relayed that there was a passive-aggressive undertone, but after a while, her spouse's family members suddenly stopped making the jokes. At teatime, she did not think much of it. 

She would come to find out why the jokes stopped a few days before sharing her story on Reddit. The Redditor had been searching for the image of a specific document on her spouse’s phone when she received the shock of her life. She wrote:

“He was right next to me, as we were sorting a fencing issue out. I clicked on what I thought was the screen shot of the document. It was instead a screenshot of a paternity test result.”

The Reddit user noted that she immediately demanded an explanation, and at this point, everything unfolded. From further explanation, it was revealed that her in-laws had been curious about her daughter’s appearance for over a year, during which time they accused her of cheating while asking her spouse to take a DNA test. 


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The Reddit mom shared: “Apparently, daily, every single time he went over to their house for coffee, cigars, or dinner, it was the topic of discussion. I recalled this time of year very well, as he was very irritable and stressed when at home, but he blamed it on work stress and family drama.”

After her spouse’s explanation, she felt angry and hurt because she saw it as disrespectful to her and their little daughter. She was disappointed by how her husband agreed with his family’s insinuations, but he relayed that he did not let them get to him and that he only agreed to take the test to satisfy them. She continued:

“He showed me old messages from that time that confirmed what he was saying, and to his credit, he was defending me and saying that they were being ridiculous.”

Despite showing her the messages, the Redditor could not shake off her emotions as she thought back to the times she visited his family, realizing they had such an impression of her. She mentioned that she was no longer comfortable being in their midst. The Redditor also stated that she was worried because her husband always appeared to be easily swayed by his family.  

Redditors in the comment section shared their opinions, mostly noting how she needed to distance herself from her in-laws. One shared: “Step back from his family. Don’t see them every day Broaden your social circle.” Another penned, “...I think this was a mistake to not come to you with the dilemma, but it was likely not done with malice or distrust of you.” A third Redditor added, "His family owes you an apology."

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Do you think the Redditor should keep her distance from her husband’s family? What are your thoughts on how her husband handled the situation? Let us know, and be sure to pass this on to others. 

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