Father Jumps Into Son's Arms Crying Tears Of Joy After He Got Surprised With New Truck

As we get older, we often begin to have more and more appreciation for our parents. As we start to grow our lives and careers we have access to more resources, and this often leads to us trying to give back to those who have given us everything. Without our parents, we would have nothing. They work from the time we are conceived to give us great lives, and for that, we owe them everything.

That’s why Alabama resident Diantae Thomas decided that it was time to give his loving father the gift of a lifetime. Diantae is only 25 years old, but he figured that after over two decades of life, it was his turn to surprise the man who raised him with a favor in return.


Diantae wrote on Facebook about his father Lester, calling him hardworking and reminding others about the sacrifices his dad has made for him in order to pay their bills. However, two years ago, Lester fell upon hard times, unable to afford another car after his had broken down. But no matter what hardship he had to go through, he never stopped working to make ends meet. Lester’s wife was responsible for transporting him to and from work. Because the routine was hard on the family, Diantae couldn’t stand to watch it go on any longer. He knew that he needed to do something in order to make his amazing dad’s life a little easier.

Thankfully, when Diantae decided to surprise his dad with a new truck, he made sure that the moment was recorded so others could share in the heartwarming surprise. The video went viral, and people are praising this son for doing such an amazing thing for his father. When Lester comes out of his house blindfolded, he has no idea what is about to happen. But when his blindfold is removed, he is a little confused about whose new truck he is looking at. Once his son reveals that it belongs to Lester, his reaction is priceless. Not only does he jump for joy, but he also dives right into the arms of his loving son. You can watch the incredible surprise in the video below.

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