Father Installs Lock After Nieces Steal Makeup From Teen Daughter's Room — Wife Is Outraged

Jan 12, 2022 by apost team

Most parents will do just about anything to keep their children safe and protected. This is especially true if they know that their children are dealing with troubling outside factors, like bullies at school or even rude family members. This was the case for one father, who noticed that his two 18-year-old nieces never seemed to respect his 16-year-old daughter’s privacy.

The man went to Reddit in July 2021 to share a less than desirable experience he had with his brother-in-law named Sammy and two nieces named Olivia and Sloane. He explained how they had a negative impact on his household, which comprises himself, his wife and his daughter Zoey. The original poster (OP) said that Sammy and his daughters moved into his home shortly after Sammy’s divorce. 

Everything was going fine at first, but people’s true personalities began to come out more as the days went on. It turned out that Olivia and Sloane constantly went in and out of Zoey’s room, taking whatever they pleased in the process. Zoey was so upset by it that OP decided it was finally time to help her out. He installed a lock on her door, giving his daughter privacy and hopefully keeping out any unwelcome visitors.

Unfortunately, all this did was create a huge divide within the household, as OP’s wife, Sammy, Olivia and Sloane were all extremely upset about the situation, claiming it was harder to spend time with Zoey now because of the lock. Since then, OP went to Reddit to ask users for their thoughts on the matter and to see if they could offer up any advice.

A Lack Of Privacy

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In his Reddit post, OP explained that his brother-in-law Sammy lost his home after getting a divorce 10 months prior, resulting in him and his twin daughters moving into OP’s home. Olivia and Sloane weren’t super close with OP’s daughter, but they got along well enough.

OP said, “Olivia and Sloane have no respect for Zoey’s privacy, none. They used to walk into her room and take everything they get their hands on. Makeup, phone, accessories, clothes, school laptop, etc.” OP and Zoey asked the cousins to respect Zoey’s personal privacy, but OP’s wife and Sammy didn’t see any issue with their behavior, writing it off as typical teenage girl antics.

The last straw for OP was when Sloane secretly entered Zoey’s room and ruined one of her expensive makeup kits, which the teen had saved up for for over a month. OP continued, “I told my wife and she said she’d ask Sloane to apologize but I got Zoey a lock after I found she was moving valuable belongings out of the house because of this incident!!!”

However, once Sammy and his daughters saw the lock on Zoey’s door, they were extremely upset. Sammy claimed his daughters weren’t “thieves,” saying it was normal for girls to borrow each other’s belongings. “He said Zoey could easily get another makeup for $15 from Walmart and shouldn’t even be buying expensive/adult makeup in the first place and suggested my wife take care of this ‘defect’ in Zoey’s personality trying to appear older than she is,” OP said.


Taking A Stand

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He continued, “I told him this is between me and my wife but she shamed me for putting a lock on Zoey’s door for her cousins to see and preventing them from ‘spending time’ with her saying I was supposed to treat them like daughters, then demanded I remove it but I said this lock does not get removed til her brother and his daughters are out of our house.”

OP’s wife was mad that OP had suggested that they kick her family out, but he reminded her that the rest of her own family had refused to take them in. “Everyone’s been giving me and Zoey silent treatment and my wife is very much upset over this,” OP said.

Fortunately for OP and his daughter, Reddit users were on their side. They called out his wife and her family’s blatant disrespect for others and commended OP for standing up for his daughter. One user commented, “Don’t back down. You are the only one sticking up for Zoey. If her cousins want to use expensive makeup, give them your wife’s. I guarantee she won’t appreciate sharing anymore. They need to start behaving like appreciative guests.”

Another user said, “Your wife harbors someone who tells you that Zoey has a ‘defect’ in her personality for buying an expensive makeup kit, that’s the kind of thing that has people thinking about divorce.”

A third user added, “Your wife’s argument that this is preventing them from ‘spending time’ with her is completely invalid, they go into her room when she isn’t there and take her stuff. Besides, they can ‘spend time’ together in the living room or wherever else."

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Do you agree with this dad installing a lock on his daughter’s door to help give her privacy from her cousins? What would you do if you were in his shoes? Let us know, and feel free to send this to your family and friends, too.

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