Father Defends Purchasing Tool Box As Diaper Changing Station For Twins Making Us Want One

Apr 14, 2020 by apost team

Throughout history, and even in today's time, moms and dads have quite different reputations when it comes to raising their kids.

While people will always continue to question the validity of gender roles, it just so happens that in many families, mother figures are the ones who create a safe atmosphere for the child to grow within; mothers seemingly set the rules and expectations in which to abide by.

While dads are often the enforcers, they're also the ones known to be more silly, laid back and, in other words, less responsible with their young ones.

Mothers love it, though, and often upload videos of fathers being silly and getting into shenanigans with their babies.

Some of the videos show dads balancing things on their kid's head, or even drawing funny pictures or faces on their kid's arms, legs, and faces. Dads are often encountered with a stern "No" from their wife whenever they suggest an idea out of the norm. For example, dads love throwing their kids in the air, wrestling with them on the ground, and rough housing with their young ones.



A viral video has surfaced on the internet of one goofy father who completely changed his toolbox into a type of lunch box for his son to use.

Once that video caught the eye of David Pike, he immediately had his own idea for a contraption.

Pike, who had already raised a couple kids with his wife, proclaimed on "Love What Matters" that they were expecting two more in the family.

Because they were experienced child raisers, they already had an idea of what types of supplies they'd need.

However, when getting a list together of some of the items they'd need, Pike noticed some new ones that his wife insisted they'd need.

One of the items that caught his attention was a contraption that could be used as a diaper changing table. As a mechanic, this really perked his interest.

Pike had to use stealth in order to get the idea approved by his wife. He researched some ideas on the internet until he found one he was comfortable with.

Rather than joyously proclaiming his discovery to his wife, he decided to wait. And wait some more. And then still wait. By delaying time, he knew his wife would be more willing, more eager for the project to "just get done already."

Pike even set up his own public forum online in order to get others' opinion on his contraption.

He devised a maniacal plan and executed it with perfection, all the while getting honest critiques from fans online.

Believe it or not, Pike simply visited his local hardware shop and aimlessly looked around until he found the parts he knew would work on his project. He also had to be creative.

With a background as a mechanic, it didn't take long for Pike to formulate some blueprints surrounding a feasible tool-cart-turned-diaper-changing-station.

His wits allowed him to create something personally and physically valuable.

Foam insulation secured the station as "baby-proof," and each drawer and compartment was used in order to store all the trinkets they'd gathered in order to better support their new baby. 


What did you think of David´s idea? Would you do something like that for your diaper changing station too? Let us know in the comments!