Father-Daughter Duo Give The Internet Most Adorable Sing-Along Performance To Maroon 5

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When Trina Wesson shared a video of her husband and two-year-old daughter lip-syncing after bath time, she had no idea what an impact it would have on people all over the world.

The Wesson's daughter Myla is full of personality. She also has some serious lip-synching skills. The video, originally uploaded to Instagram, shows Myla and her dad drying off after a bath. Dad holds Myla and sways while they lip-sync the words to "Girls Like You," a Maroon 5 song. Myla's adorable facial expressions and perfect enunciations make everyone, including her father, laugh.

Judging by the way little Myla moves her feet in the video, we think she's going to be quite the performer one day. One thing is certain: Myla and her dad have great taste in music


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The viral video of Myla and her dad has been viewed 15 million times. There are 86,000 comments from people who are enamored with the Wesson family. Some childless commenters said they might even be ready to take the plunge into parenthood after watching the video. Others loved the video for what it is: A heartwarming moment between a little girl and her father.

Even Adam Levine, the singer of Maroon 5, retweeted the video. Levine has two daughters of his own, so we're sure he's familiar with after bath time antics.

People can't get enough of Myla. Her mom started an Instagram for the toddler to keep family and friends updated. Myla's new fans check her Instagram often, hoping for a new lip-synching video. For now, they'll have to settle for a cute picture of Myla dressed as an elf for Christmas.

It seems the lip-synching duo will soon become a trio. The Wessons recently welcomed their 2nd child, a baby boy named Sawyer, into the world. We'd be willing to bet that Myla helps her mom and dad sing Sawyer to sleep at night, and we can't help but wonder if he will share his big sister's love of Maroon 5!

Check out this video of Myla and her dad performing Maroon 5's hit song "Girls Like You."

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