Father And Daughter Duo Wow Guests With Iconic Medley On Dance Floor Starting With 'My Girl'

Aug 12, 2022 by apost team

Jasmine and her Dad loved slow dancing. But they are also a father-daughter combo who are always game for a little fun.

Jasmine smiled when her father took her hand and led her to the dance floor. Their friends and family gathered around the dance floor to watch them dance. The song that played was "My Girl" by the Temptations.

Jasmine was dressed in a long, beautiful gown and twirled with the music while her father held her hand. The touching scene put tears in more than just a few eyes of onlookers. However, Jasmine and her father had a bigger surprise ahead for them.

The occasion was Jasmine's Quinceanera celebration, and she decided, along with her father, to celebrate with a dance marathon. The music for the slow dance suddenly stopped, and Jasmine and her father stared at each other. The slow dance was officially over, and the two broke out into a dance routine fit for the pros. Dad was without reservation as he danced along with Jasmine.

The crowd cheered loudly while watching the skilled dance routine. You will no doubt enjoy the video of their moment as much as those in attendance. This was one father who understood how to make his daughter's moment a memorable one for her because she is his world. Watch until the end, and you will get another surprise when a family member makes an interruption with their own share in the father and daughter duo spotlight. This dance routine is definitely one for the ages. 

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After "My Girl" the dance morphed into more upbeat songs. The routine was turned up a notch when "Soulja Boy," and "Gangham Style," played throughout the venue. 

The father, Leonardo, told TODAYthat the family got the idea to make the dance one-of-a-kind by watching dance videos on Youtube. Jasmine spent quite a bit of time working on her own choreography and teaching her dad how to bring the moves to life. 

“I wanted to do the surprise father-daughter dance because I didn’t want to be like all of the other quinceaneras,” Jasmine told TODAY. “I wanted people to remember my fifteenth birthday and not just think of it as another party where they got free food or entertainment. I wanted it to be memorable for everyone — not just me," Jasmine added.

At one point during the iconic dance, Jasmine's little brother even kicks Leondardo off the dance floor so he can have a moment to shine with his big sister. 

The dance was so moving to the guests that many applauded the family. “They were wowed and a lot of the dads said to me that their little girls were wondering what they were going to do for their dance at their quinceaneras,” Leondardo said.

The proud dad also shared that having this dance experience with his daughter was something he will never forget. He said he hoped it showed her how much he truly loves her. Jasmine said she would do it again any chance she got. “I loved dancing with my dad,” Jasmine said. “I would do it again in a heartbeat," the daughter shared. 



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