Fast Thinking Marine Rescued Mother And Her Young Children Out Of Flipped Over SUV

In a tense situation that requires quick thinking, it's no surprise that a U.S. Marine would be effective in handling the problem whether it's in civilian life or on the battlefront. For Corporal Alexandra Nowak, a critical situation occurred on the freeway in Escondido, California where quick thinking was needed.

The U.S. Marines have commended the heroics of Nowak. She was driving on Interstate 15 on her way to pick up her daughter and mother when she witnessed a vehicle crash into an SUV, causing it to flip over. The corporal immediately stopped and ran out of her car to help the family inside the SUV. Her quick decision helped save a fellow mother, Kyndra Luhr, who was transporting a friend and her children.

Nowak's first instinct was to offer assistance to anyone who might be injured in the accident. She rescued the two small children first. It was a 9-month-old baby boy and his 4-year-old sister. Luckily, they weren't hurt. The corporal aided in removing the two children from the SUV. Nowak then went to help the children's mother. Her arm was hurt badly and had nearly been severed in the accident.

Kyndra was losing a lot of blood and experiencing a lot of pain. Novak told NBC San Diego that the mother was asking if she might die. Alexandra told her that she wouldn't let her die. The corporal knew how to act in this situation because of her combat training. She quickly went to her car and got a tourniquet. She didn't hesitate to use the emergency gear for the mother who was in grave danger.

Novak told NBC San Diego that her instincts took over, and she was propelled by a rush of adrenaline. She remembered sprinting, and her body was shaking with the heightened need to handle the emergency. She said that she didn't feel nervous or worried. Novak managed to stop the bleeding with the tourniquet.

When emergency personnel arrived at the accident scene, they immediately acknowledge the quick action of the corporal in saving the victims of the crash. Novak said that she never imagined a real-life scenario would require that she use the tourniquet that was intended for training drills. She believes that it probably saved the mother's life.

Luhr was rushed to the hospital by the first responders. The doctors spent several days administering surgery to Luhr's arm, but they finally concluded that it couldn't be saved. They ended up needing to amputate the mother's arm, and she would need to live with a prosthetic limb. It turned out that Luhr's insurance would not pay for the prosthetic, so her mother-in-law has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the artificial arm.

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