Fast Food Worker Goes Into ‘Hero Mode’ When Woman’s Kids Start Screaming Inside Rolling Car At Drive-Thru

In 2017, McDonald's employee Pedro Viloria rescued a woman and her children at a drive-thru when he heard the kids screaming in distress.

Pedro Viloria was about to hand a customer her food at the pick-up window when the car just rolled past him at the drive-thru. In that moment, Viloria jumped right out of the window to go see what was happening. Viloria said the children in the car were screaming "mother, mother", "stop it", "what are you doing".

Turns out, the woman in question was an off-duty police officer having a medical emergency. She had come to the drive-thru to grab some food for her children.

Surveillance footage from inside the restaurant shows the car rolling through the parking lot, being witnessed by customers. Fortunately, one of the customers was an off-duty fire-rescue officer, and he also ran to the woman’s aid.

Viloria said in an interview with Inside Edition that his biggest concern was the kids in the back seat pleading for help, so he went straight to them to ease their little minds.

His quick-thinking and athleticism saved the woman and her kids. He was just 22 years-old at the time.

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