Fast Food Employee Spots Barely Clothed Toddler Alone And Headed For Road, Saves Her Life

For most people, if they see a child without clothes on and in need of assistance, then they will offer help no matter what.

Daniel Hunter works at a Wendy's in the town where he lives. He got off of work late on a Monday night. While he was getting ready to go home, he happened to see a child running in the street.

The child didn't have on clothes and appeared to be very frightened.

The little girl did have on boots and a diaper along with a thin shirt, but other than that, she had nothing. Daniel noticed that the little girl was running toward the street and right to the cars that were speeding along the road.

In only a few moments, Daniel told his father that there was a child running to the road and that he needed to save her before she got hurt. His father drove the car toward the child so that he could get to her faster. The little girl ran, and Daniel hoped that he would be able to catch her.

When Daniel finally got the attention of the little girl, he called to her and told her to come to him. She ran to his open arms. The little girl wanted her mother. While the child's father had left their home to pick up his wife from work, he left the little girl sleeping because he didn't want to wake her.

The little girl got scared when she woke up and saw no one at the home. She went outside to look for them and got lost. If it wasn't for the brave actions of Daniel and his father being in the right place at the right time, then this little girl might have had a different outcome that evening.

Watch as Daniel describes his what was going through his mind that night and how he felt about being able to save a little girl from getting hurt.

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