Fashionista Elephant Snags Tour Guide’s Hat And Puts It On Its Head For Size

Jul 31, 2020 by apost team

Interacting with wild and majestic creatures is truly awe-inspiring. Like humans, animals all have their own personalities. A sweet elephant knew just what to do to make this tour guide have a good laugh.

Chris Du Plessis works as a tour guide in Botswana, Africa. While he has been alongside many animals, this was a first – the elephant took a hat from his head and put it on its own back in 2016. Chris said he had never seen anything like it!

At the Sanctuary Stanley Camp in Botswana, Chris uses a 360 camera to capture videos of the beautiful scenery and the unique wildlife, reports the Daily Mail. He hopes that by sharing his videos, the entire world can learn more about his African experience.

Guides at the Sanctuary Stanley Camp have become familiar with one particular bull elephant that they have named Jabu. Building a strong relationship with these animals is important. It is plain to see that Jabu really loves being around the guides and caretakers at the Stanley Camp.

One day, as Chris was filming with some other guides, Jabu was with the group. Gently reaching out with his trunk, he took off the tour guide's hat and placed it on his own head.

He held it in place with his trunk and showed off his new hat. What could Chris and the other guides do but have a good laugh?

After a couple of moments in which Jabu seems to be pretty proud of his antics, he carefully places the hat back on Chris's head. Chris says that Jabu was not trained to do this. He just did it of his own accord. What a sweet, silly boy! Chris says he has never seen anything like it!

Jabu has become so familiar with the guides at the sanctuary camp that he knew just what to do to put a smile on their faces. Luckily Chris had his camera ready to capture this incredibly adorable moment.

What do you think of this gentle giant's little prank? Did Jabu's caper help to put a smile on your face? This sweet story would make anyone's day just a little better! Have you ever seen anything like it?