Fascinating Bear Watches Sunrise From Hotel Porch

Bears can enjoy sunrises just like any other visitor at the Omni Resort in New Hampshire. A photo snapped by an employee of the hotel has gone viral after it showed a curious bear taking a moment to take in the view set before him.

Sam Geesman, a bellman at the Omni Mount Washington Resort was heading out to the porch to take a photo of the sunrise according to a report from Huffington Post. However, when he arrived he discovered a furry guest had beat him to it.  He saw a black bear climbing the stairs in search of a trash can but then he saw how the bear briefly paused on the veranda to look out at the view. 


The bear clutched the railing and gazed out at the sunrise coming up over the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Geesman snapped a few photos of the event before clapping and stomping loudly to ward the bear off. 

Food shortages have been the cause of the sudden increase in bear-human conflicts and 2018 saw the largest number of bear killings since 2014 according to the Associated Press. The hotel’s marketing director, Craig Clemmer, told WBZ-TV that it is not uncommon for the resort to see wildlife, however, it is unusual for bears to climb up on the porches and even stranger for them to begin watching the sunrise.  

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