Farmers Sing Their Own Parody Version Of The Country Classic "Friends in Low Places"

Nobody enjoys rainy days in the city. The streets and sidewalks become flooded making it difficult to walk without getting wet feet. Umbrellas are never practical when the rain is coming down sideways or is combined with wind.

As much as city dwellers wish for this weather to end, farmers are hoping that the rain stays for a while. Dry spouts have a severely negative impact on farmers and food production overall. Without sufficient rainfall, crops will not grow properly. This could lead to unripe goods or a lack of growth overall.

As five Canadian farmers were experiencing such a dry spell, they decided to write a song. The Hunter brothers wrote a parody to the country song "Friends in Low Places". The execution was flawless and the resulting video was hilarious. Dusty, Brock, Ty, Luke, and J.J. grew up together on the family farm.

They decided that humor and laughter was the best way to deal with the tough farming conditions.

The brothers wrote clever lyrics to the tune of "Friends in Low Places" that described their plight of dry weather. Their efforts didn't go unnoticed as the video gained over 2 million views within a few days of being released. If farming doesn't work out for these brothers, there is clearly an option for show business.

The brothers were invited to do an interview with FYI Music News in January.

J.J. described how the brothers had grown up together working on the farm and playing hockey during the winter. They decided to start a band together to celebrate their love for music. They gained some popularity and started playing at shows throughout the United States and Canada. J.J. also shared that the brothers are learning that music is more about the journey than any particular destination.

They are excited about the future and wonder what new challenges and adventures are on the horizon. Their goals are to enjoy the process as brothers and maintain their loyalty and dedication to the family first.

The video that has gained over 2 million views has also garnered a lot of positive comments. It is clear that viewers appreciate the positive attitudes displayed by the brothers in the song. Many people resort to anger or frustration when faced with a difficult scenario.

These brothers decided to turn their misfortune into humor and song. This decision has brought them success in areas which they could never have imagined.

Watch their fun rendition in the video below:

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