Farmer Makes Earmuffs For His Calves To Keep Them Warm

Aug 12, 2019

Human ears are not the only ears that need to be protected from the bitter cold. A farmer, known as ThisFarmingMan on Twitter, recently posted a picture of one of his calves wearing pink earmuffs and the photo immediately went viral.

With over 170,000 likes, the picture became an internet sensation and spurred other farmers to also use earmuffs on their calves. While the protective pieces are certainly adorable, they are also functional as well.

The muffs serve the critical function of protecting the ears from frostbite, hypothermia, and death in extreme cases. Newborn calves are particularly at risk of developing frostbite because their bodies have not yet learned how to regulate the internal temperature.

If the newborn has ears that appear to be at risk at frostbite, there is a good chance that the feet are also suffering.

Even if the temperatures are not bitter cold, the combination of cold and wind can make the windchill unbearable for many animals. It is important that all types of livestock are protected from the temperatures and windchills that often accompany the winter months.

If it has been noticed that an animal has suffered frostbite, it is critical to keep them warm for several days. One of the biggest dangers of frostbite is the possible refreezing that can take place after the tissue has thawed. For this reason, it is important to keep the animal warm after the frostbite has been detected.

You will delight in checking out these adorable pictures of calves wearing earmuffs. After you have taken in the cuteness, be sure to spread the sweet pictures to everyone else that you know.