Fans Gush Over ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Actress Jaclyn Smith's Likeness To Her Adorable Namesake Granddaughter

Jan 26, 2024 by apost team

Jaclyn Smith was a prominent celebrity during the 1970s, most known for her role in the popular TV show, “Charlie’s Angels.” Smith portrayed Kelly Garrett in the series that followed the crime-fighting adventures of the three female detectives who were part of a private detective agency.

The original Charlie’s Angels were  Kate JacksonFarrah Fawcett, and Smith. Smith was the only cast member from the original Charlie’s Angels to stay on the series until its end in 1981. No matter how many times the show is remade, the cast members from the original television series are still cherished by fans. 

The iconic series propelled Smith into a long-lasting career in Hollywood. Shortly after the show ended, Smith was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Film for the lead role of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in the television film “Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.” The “Charlie’s Angels” star went on to star in several miniseries and television films, including “Rage of Angels” in 1983, “George Washington” in 1984, “The Bourne Identity” in 1988 and “Kaleidoscope” in 1990. In 1989, the small screen icon received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

While she gained fame in the industry, the one thing that sets Smith apart from most A-list celebrities is her humility. Smith has stayed true to herself and never lost her compassion for everyone around her. 

The renowned actress is now in her 70s. After a successful lifetime of acting and managing her business, she appears happy to be settled down with her family, including her children and grandchildren, whom she always posts on social media. 

Loyal fans of Smith have noticed that her granddaughter, who has grown into a beautiful young toddler, has some of her facial features!

Jaclyn Smith (1978), (Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images)

Smith was born on October 26, 1945, in Houston, Texas. She received her first pair of dancing shoes at the age of 3 and had hopes of becoming a professional ballerina. Later on, the “Charlie’s Angels” star found a love for acting, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Growing up, Smith was taught to always treasure her family, and this value has remained with her even as an adult. She claimed that her childhood in Houston defined who she would become later in life. She welcomed two children — Spencer Margaret Richmond and Gaston Richmond — with Anthony Richmond before going on to marry Brad Allen in 1997. Smith has praised Allen for being “steady” and “reliable” for her family.

Smith’s strong relationship with her friends and family has helped her through the darkest times in her life. The actress opened up about her battle with breast cancer in the early 2000s in an interview with Fox News. After hearing the news, she remembers her first question to her doctor was how this would affect her family. 

“My first question was, ‘Will I be here for my children?’ And he said, ‘Absolutely. You got this early, we’ll take care of it.’” She told the outlet. “Did it affect our whole family? Yeah. They were in denial. I looked like the healthiest person in the world.”

Smith referred to herself as “lucky” to have her friends and family during the trying time. 

“I had a girlfriend who went through breast cancer and she was... by my side. I didn’t go to an appointment without her,” she recalled. “I was lucky… My first reaction was to take my breasts out. But it made sense for me to have a lumpectomy. (My husband) was there for me, as was my doctor.”

Jaclyn Smith (2017), (David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Nowadays, Smith is enjoying quality time with her family. In 2016, she told People Magazine she was “thrilled” to become a first-time grandmother and welcomed granddaughter Bea, who is the child of her daughter Spencer Margaret. 

“The love that you have for your children, it’s like ‘Oh my God.’ But this is even bigger — there are no words,” she said. Smith also said that she doesn’t “want to be away” from her granddaughter “ever.”

According to Hollywood Life, Smith’s son Gaston welcomed his first daughter, Olivia, in 2019. Smith has shared heartfelt photos of her grandkids over the years, including a holiday celebration post and an adorable “tent day” post

On April 25, 2023, Gaston honored his mother when he welcomed his second daughter as he named her after Smith. The “Charlie’s Angels” star shared photos on Instagram of the newborn grandchild on the day she was born with the caption, “We welcomed Wren Jaclyn Richmond this morning at 9:46! She is perfect!”

Fans were over the moon for Smith as she continued to expand her beautiful family. One person commented, “Congratulations she’s just as beautiful as her Grandma.” Another said, “What a little angel! Congratulations!! 💕”

Another person said Wren was “so precious,” while another shared, “So beautiful to see their baby smiling at her mother ❤️”

Another fan shared their excitement over the baby having part of Smith’s name and said, “Belated congratulations on your granddaughter Wren Jaclyn! It’s wonderful they named her after you!🥰💕❤️”

There’s no doubt Smith adores her family, and it’s safe to say that as her family expands, her love will continue to grow.

Smith is not only an amazing mother but also a wonderful grandmother to all her grandchildren. 

In an interview with People Magazine, Smith opened up about how her grandchildren Bea and Olivia, the daughters of Spencer Magaret, visit her at her house all the time. 

"They visit me all the time," the 73-year-old actress revealed. "This house is open to them. Bea knows that there's a drawer in my closet that's filled with candy, and she goes right for the gummy bears. She knows that I'm a soft touch for candy."

Smith also looks forward to revisiting her role in “Charlie’s Angeles” in the future, possibly when her granddaughters are old enough to watch the iconic film franchise with her. 

"My kids never really watched it that much," she revealed. "In fact, if they saw me on film, they'd go, 'Oh, there's Jaclyn Smith.' They wouldn't say, 'There's Mom.' I bet I'll have fun watching it with Bea and Olivia. That might be fun to say, 'Hey, here's your Mimi a long time ago.' I'd like them to see how things change, and I think it's important for them to see their history, to see where they came from."

On the other hand, Smith’s youngest granddaughter, Wren, received a lot of attention from her followers when she posted a photo of her on social media. Many noticed that the little girl shared some similarities with her grandmother!

“She looks like you! 😍❤️." a fan commented, while another pointed out "I can see her grandmother in her features! So cute!" 

"Someone looks like her grandma 💓,” another echoed, with another fan agreeing: “Your granddaughter looks like you. 😀”

“She’s so beautiful like her grandmother. God bless you all,” one user wrote. 

Jaclyn Smith (1978), (UPI/Bettmann Archive via Getty Images)

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