Famous 'Brady Bunch' House Sold For $3.2 Million After Major Internal Renovation Replicates The Show's Iconic Film Set

Sep 15, 2023 by apost team

"The Brady Bunch" ruled the TV landscape in the 1970s, and decades after the sitcom ended, it continues to signify a pivotal period in Hollywood. The series ran from 1969 to 1974, delving into the challenges of a blended family and societal issues that teenagers dealt with. 

While the actors displayed enough expertise for the show to be memorable, the Brady home and the show's aesthetics also contributed to its relatable theme. Through the years, the two-story family home erected by architect and TV dad Mike Brady (Robert Reed) has proved to be iconic and transcended popularity into modern showbiz. 

Long after "The Brady Bunch" was canceled, the building located in Studio City, California, remained an essential part of pop culture. In September 2023, the colorful structure made headlines, having been sold at a pricey sum. This was not the first time "The Brady Bunch" building was in the news for listings and sales. 

TV creator Sherwood Schwartz brought the series to fruition on ABC, and it aired for five seasons, all summing up to 117 episodes. The show revolves around a blended family with three sons and three daughters. The TV patriarch, Mike, welcomed three sons from a previous marriage. After his wife's death, he married Carol Brady, who had three daughters. 

The Bradys ran a home of six kids with different conflicting interests alongside a live-in housekeeper and a dog named Tiger. While the Brady household navigated family life, they portrayed topics ranging from sibling rivalry, teenage issues, character building, responsibility, body image and relationships. However, they left out any form of political references. 

Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, Mike Lookinland, Florence Henderson, Robert Reed, Barry Williams, Susan Olsen, Christopher Knight (circa 1972), (Hulton Archive/Archive Photos via Getty Images)

The show's end resulted in spin-offs, films and reunion films. Some of these were "A Very Brady Christmas," "The Brady Girls Get Married," "The Brady Bunch Hour" and "The Bradys" among others. The series also inspired a 1995 satirical comedy, "The Brady Bunch Movie," which had two sequels. 

The last installation of “The Brady Bunch” franchise was recorded in 2002. Sixteen years later, in 2018, HGTV purchased "The Brady Bunch" home and renovated it the following year on a series titled "A Very Brady Renovation." The show was anchored by "Property Brothers" Jonathan and Drew Scott and saw “The Brady Bunch” cast reunite. 

When the show aired, the exterior made up the major parts of the home. The interior details were mostly staged, but when HGTV acquired it, the aim was to replicate the stage interior and bring it to life. The TV home has passed through time and has garnered major achievements. 

According to Redfin, which listed the property in May 2023, the home is second to the White House for the most photographed home in the United States. HGTV listed the house for $5.5 million after purchasing it for $3.5 million in 2018. According to WSJ, the production company effected a $2 million renovation as opposed to their initial plan of refurbishing it with $350,000. Before the sale, the Redfin listing read:

"Once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of the most iconic single family residences in the world. Meticulously rebuilt and designed to replicate the set of the home from the beloved 1970s sitcom 'The Brady Bunch.'" 


The Brady Bunch (circa 1970), (Michael Ochs Archives via Getty Images)

Dan Brown, the listing agent, revealed to WSJ that the 12,000-square-foot property was not easy to price, and HGTV placed the price between $3 million to $10 million. Brown said about the house, "There's no normal average family that could move in there and live in it, so it was almost like you were selling a fixer."

The North Hollywood abode was eventually sold for $3.2 million to Trina Trahan, the wife of the former CEO of HBO, Chris Albrecht. Trahan's reason for purchasing the home was not related to habitation. Instead, she fulfilled her interest as a lover of the sitcom. Speaking to WSJ, Trahan gushed about the historic home. She described it as "almost like a life-size dollhouse."

To this effect, she clarified that the home would not be used as a residence. Trahan stated: "Nobody is going to live in it. No one is going in there to make pork chops and applesauce in that kitchen." She added, "Anything you might do to make the house livable would take away from what I consider artwork." 

Even though HGTV sold the house to Trahan for less than the capital used in buying and setting it up, she described the home as "the worst investment ever." She added that she would focus on using the property for fundraising and charitable events. 

The 5,140-square-foot house features five bedrooms complete with five bathrooms. The kitchen boasted the vintage "Brady Bunch" set arrangement with its orange and green colors. The home is equipped with a stairway that leads to the living room, as well as a backyard with a swing set and a dog house.  

House from "The Brady Bunch" (2018), (PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images)

Isn't it lovely that "The Brady Bunch" home has remained preserved through time? Do you recall any of your favorite scenes or episodes from the sitcom? Let us know, and be sure to pass this on to others.

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