Family's Dog Goes Missing And Ends Up Returning With Another Dog And A Goat Friend

The Krier family live on a property in Kansas that's surrounded by open fields, so family members tend to not worry if Bo, their black Labrador, disappears for short periods of time. However, one night, he didn't come home at all, and that was more than enough to cause a significant amount of worry for Kyle and Laura Krier.

However, they were relieved to soon get a call that Bo had been spotted in a field about 6 miles from where the Kriers lived. Whew! Kyle got in his truck and rushed over there and found Bo, much to his relief. However, he was not expecting to also find that Bo had a couple of friends with him. Another dog, Libby, made sense, but what really surprised Kyle was seeing Ozzy, a goat, included within the trio of explorers. Regardless, he gathered the three of them, and they all rode back home.

It turned out that Shawna and Chris Huggans, neighbors of the Kriers, owned Libby and Ozzy, and it has been theorized that Bo, Libby, and Ozzy had all gotten together to plan a fun escapade and then executed that plan on the fields that were adjacent to those homes.

Another theory is that Bo was the ringleader. He's described as "full of energy and always up to something," so perhaps he was the one to convince the other two to run away from home and go on this fun adventure.

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