Family Surprises Hardworking Grandfather With Dream Car On Eightieth Birthday

Nov 21, 2020 by apost team

Birthdays are always special occasions. Whether the birthday boy or girl is 8 or 80 years old, the anniversary of one's earthly debut is still something to celebrate. Read on to find out about an extraordinary man and the excellent birthday celebration his family held for him.

At this New Jersey birthday bash on October 17, 2020, the birthday boy was actually 80-year-old Paul Kissel. Marina Vurchio's grandpa had enough life behind him to have had children and grandchildren. He also worked very hard throughout his life and deserved to have an 80th birthday to remember.

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There were children, grandchildren, and many well-wishers at Kissel's party. As always, his wife was right by his side throughout the entire event. After the party was over, the family had enjoyed a good meal, lively conversation, and dessert.

Grandpa even had enough leftover food to take home with him in a restaurant bag. It had been a long evening, and it seemed like everyone needed to get some rest. So the family got up to leave the restaurant. After grandpa walked through the gate at the front of the restaurant, something caught his eye. It was shiny, silver, and wrapped in the biggest red bow he had seen. Birthday surprises don't get any better.

Grandpa took one look at his present and broke down crying, as you will see in the video below. Soon everyone in the family and many of the alfresco diners were also in tears. He couldn't believe his luck. Grandpa wasn't just lucky. He was blessed. He had a family and had lived a good life. This gift was just a little more proof of what he knew all along.

The 1972 Mercedes 350 SE convertible was the car that grandpa had wanted to own for decades, reports Happily News. He was so moved when his family presented it to him that he sobbed. The only words he could manage to choke out were, "Oh my!"

The convertible was polished and ready for this significant occasion. It featured jet black seats and shiny chrome accessories, such as the trademark Mercedes Benz logo on the front grill. For this occasion, the convertible top was down. The gifted vehicle also sported a New Jersey license plate with a historic designation on it. This was the law. Moreover, a car from the early '70s was definitely an antique.

As Marina's thrilled grandpa approached the car of his dreams, the entire restaurant clapped and cheered. Apparently, such joy is not so easy to contain. At the end of this presentation, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. After all the introductions were out of the way, it was time to see what this car could do. Once he was behind the wheel, one turn of the key and the verdict was in: the car started right away, so the joy ride was on!

When you're taking a joy ride, you need to have the right girl for the occasion. Fortunately, grandpa had that covered. After the party, grandpa left for home in his dream car with his dream girl: grandma.

According to his granddaughter, Marina, grandpa definitely earned his car. As part of the TikTok caption of the video, she wrote, "The most selfless man in the world. Nobody deserves it more!" At time of publication, the video has over 800,000 likes — and that number is growing. Since he had spent a lifetime working for his family and putting others first, it was time for grandpa to reap all the fruit of the goodness he had sown through the decades.

According to Happily, Marina said: "Before walking out, with no idea the car was waiting for him, my grandpa said, ‘this could not have been any better,’ the only thing he cared about was spending the day with his family. I hope others take the message that materialistic presents, though they can be exciting, are nothing compared to quality time with your loved ones."

This is an important message to remember, as time with loved ones is the most important gift we have. Despite advances in modern medicine, not everyone can make it to their 80th birthday to drive a classic car home, so we should celebrate every year, as those too are precious gifts.

Do you have an exciting birthday surprise? Perhaps you're more like Marina, and you were able to make an excellent birthday bash happen for a deserving family member or friend. Spend a few moments letting us know, and spread the joy of this tale to all those you know.

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