Family Says It Was Like A Christmas Miracle To Reunite With Their Dog 6 Months After She Went Missing

Dec 21, 2022 by apost team

For many people, their pets are viewed like they are family members. These precious animals make their mark and become instrumental in making their owner’s family feel whole and complete. So, it’s understandable when a pet passes away or goes missing that a family would find themselves feeling extremely upset.

During the summer of 2022, Pablo and Andrea Campos dropped off their dog, Tawny, at a place in Ingham County in the state of Michigan. The family embarked on their vacation, which was in Traverse City. However, their vacation was cut short when they received a heartbreaking phone call – Tawny was missing. The family believed that the poor pup was potentially scared by fireworks going off for Independence Day and somehow managed to scale an 8-foot fence.

But in December 2022, a true Christmas miracle occurred, as the family has described it. The Campos family was finally reunited with their long-lost dog. Tawny had been missing for six months and was found 60 miles away from the place she had been dropped off.

While the family was grateful that they were reunited with their furry friend, they couldn’t help but wonder how Tawny managed to make it on her own for so long and how she was in such good condition.

Fortunately for Tawny, many strangers proved their kindness by doing what they could to care for her without even knowing where she came from or whose dog she was. Read on to find out more about this truly heartwarming story of a family reuniting with their beloved pup.

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According to WXYZ, Pablo and Andrea dropped their dog off in Ingham County while they went off on vacation. However, they returned home within just a few days after discovering that Tawny was missing. Thankfully, in December 2022, the family was reunited with their dog.

“We went door to door to people’s houses and just looking for weeks and weeks and weeks and she was nowhere to be found,” the couple explained. Once they reconnected with Tawny, the couple was overwhelmed with emotions. “We considered her a princess that needed lots of pampering,” they joked. “And somehow she’s managed to live on her own and make it.”

WXYZ reported that Tawny ended up almost 60 miles away from where she was dropped off and had been living in the woods behind a post office. The postal workers had been feeding her every now and then before seeking more help once the weather became more frigid. 

The South Lyon Murphy Animal Recovery trapped Tawny and checked her chip, which eventually led them to the Mosaic Animal Rescue and a woman named Lynnda Malone. Malone is a friend of the Campos family and was thrilled to reunite them with their dog.

“She had a lot of good people taking care of her,” Malone said. “She’s had guardian angels watching over her.”

The Campos family and Tawny were reunited just in time for the holiday season and have shared their appreciation with the people at the post office and everyone else who helped the dog while she was away from home. Andrea said:

“I know there’s so many cliches talking about Christmas miracles, but we really, actually got one.”

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