Family Is Shattered After Losing Dog And Find Him 2 Months Later Living On The Streets

Dec 03, 2019

Pets can be an essential part of our lives. They lift us up when we’re feeling blue and are guaranteed to put a smile on our faces. If a favorite pet goes missing, it can be a terrible feeling. You don’t know where your best friend is.

For one family in Turkey, they got their favorite dog back in the most unusual way. The Araç family loved their dog, Leo. One day he disappeared. After a lot of searching, they gave up hoping that Leo would come back. Months later, their son Sertaç went on a trip by himself to a town many miles away for work. While he was there, Sertaç saw something that gave him a real surprise. What do you think it was?

Sertaç saw a stray dog sitting outside a café. It didn't have an owner and looked worn out and dirty. But Sertaç couldn't shake the feeling that that dog looked really familiar. He sent a picture to his family and told them that he’d found a dog that looked a lot like Leo.

His parents came to the town to meet up with Sertaç and see for themselves. The dog saw Sertaç’s parents and ran excitedly towards them. He jumped into their arms and looked so happy. There was no doubt that this truly was Leo. The Araç family had two other dogs that also went missing. Those pets have not been found, but after they rescued Leo, they haven’t given up hope that their other beloved dogs will be found. Dognapping is unfortunately on the rise. It’s incredibly rare for pets that have been kidnapped to be rescued. The best way to prevent your pets from being taken in the first place is to keep an eye on them in the house and in the yard.

What do you think of this incredible story? Isn't it amazing that this family were able to find their dog again against all odds? Let us know how this story made you and your friends and family feel.