Family Forgets Their Wallets And Asks Future Daughter-In-Law To Pay For Expensive Dinner

Jan 12, 2022 by apost team

Being in a relationship can be absolutely amazing, and getting engaged is even more incredible. You and your partner decided to take the next step toward building your life together, and it’s clear that there is a sense of loyalty between you and your partner. However, something that some people struggle with during their relationships is the outside factors, specifically family members.

This was the case for a 32-year-old woman who had just gotten engaged to her 37-year-old fiancé named Sam. His family is pretty conservative, but it is made up of extremely nice and loving people. The woman and Sam had made plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve together, but Sam decided to celebrate with his parents instead by going out to an upscale restaurant for a nice dinner. However, he invited the woman to join them.

The evening was great, and everyone ordered plenty of delicious food. When it was time to pay, the woman explained that she and Sam would happily split the bill with his parents. However, his parents conveniently forgot their wallets. Sam revealed that he, too, didn’t have enough money to cover the bill. His father jokingly suggested that the doctor — the woman — pay for the bill since she made enough money to cover it.

However, the woman refused to pay for everyone’s food. She simply paid for her own and left. This caused a huge issue with her relationship with Sam and his parents, resulting in her turning to Reddit users for advice after sharing her predicament with them on Jan. 1, 2022, on the platform.

A Celebration Gone Wrong

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Starting off her Reddit post, the original poster (OP) explained that she and her fiancé Sam did not live together, as they were waiting to move in after they got married. “His family is conservative Christian but they’re really nice and loveable people,” she said. Even though OP and Sam had plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve together, Sam went out to dinner with his family at a nice restaurant but invited OP to join them.

“His parents were there,” she said. “They welcomed me and ordered many dishes and desserts and drinks. We celebrated and had (a) great time, that is until it was time to pay.”

OP said she was fine with splitting the bill, but Sam and his parents revealed that they had forgotten their wallets and didn’t have enough money on them to cover the tab. 

OP explained, “His dad then laughed nervously, ‘alright so guess we should let the doctor pay!!’ I was taken aback. I said I’m sorry but no this is just so much money to spend on one dinner by myself and I didn’t think I was expected to pay the entire bill.” Sam told OP to pay and insisted he would pay her back, but OP knew that meant he would have to get a job.

“I said I’m sorry but this isn’t the first time I’ve been put in this situation by him and family where I’m expected to rescue them after they somehow forgot their wallets and expect others to pay hundreds for their extravagant dinner,” OP said.

Standing Her Ground

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OP made it clear that she was only going to pay for her portion of dinner. Even though she could afford the entire bill, she wasn’t obligated to cover it.

“Sam begged that I just do it and call it a night but I refused,” she said. “The argument got heated then I got up and walked out.”

Sam called her a few hours later, accusing her of ruining their celebration, but the OP stood by her convictions, much to Sam’s dismay. She explained, “He just said he’ll pray that my parents will let this go and not resent me after I basically damaged the relationship with them.”

Since then, OP has wondered if she should’ve just covered the entire bill, but Redditors were quick to jump to her defense. They let her know that she was right to only pay for herself and that her fiancé and his family were extremely toxic.

One user commented, “They all conveniently left their wallets at home, it doesn’t seem likely they forgot them at all, and they invited you with the expectation that you’ll pay.” Another agreed, saying, “Sounds like you were invited just to pay the bill. Red flag.”

A third user said, “This was a set up and good for you for refusing to go along with it. I would rethink this marriage since your fiancé and his parents want you to be the family cash cow. If this has happened before, they should have been extra careful not to forget their wallets again. And calling you ‘the doctor’ was very telling."

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Do you think this woman was right not to pay for her fiancé and his parents’ dinner even though she could afford it? What would you do if you were in her situation? Let us know, and feel free to send this to your loved ones, too.

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