Family Bullmastiff Becomes Protective Of New Baby And Calms Him Down When He Cries

Jan 14, 2020

Any new addition to the family, human or furry, can come with a little stress and worry as everyone is getting used to one another. A family of three from Northern California shared their story of becoming a family of four when they brought their first child home to meet their much-adored dog. Just as they expected, the family pet and the new baby quickly became friends, and neither leaves the other's side for even a moment.

The Michalek parents recently welcomed a new baby into their family, and were quick to introduce him to Brutus, their bullmastiff. Neither parent was worried about the way Brutus would react to the addition because, as they told The Dodo, he already had plenty of experience around children and enjoys their company, often getting excited at the sound of children outside.

Upon bringing the new baby home, the parents gave baby and Brutus the chance to meet each other, and it's safe to say Brutus was immediately in love. Ever since that day, Brutus has kept a watchful eye over the baby, even responding to his cries and worries with concern. When baby Kayden cried, Brutus would run over to offer a toy for the baby to play with, or sit near him to comfort and soothe the crying baby, Michalek told The Dodo.

As Kayden has grown, the pair have become the best of buddies and you can find them by each other's side, often getting into trouble and fun together. Brutus has become like a nanny to Kayden, always watching over and protecting his little brother and giving their parents a break from having to entertain Kayden 24/7. 

Most dog owners are aware that their pets are extremely susceptible to emotional moods and changes in behavior because their dogs are often the first to provide comfort during stressful times. Brutus was able to do that from the start of Kayden's entrance into the world, wanting to comfort Kayden from the moment he came into his life.

For this family, both baby and dog have forever best friends in the other, ensuring that neither will get bored or lonely. And little Kayden is lucky to grow up with such a loving dog friend by his side.