Family Brought Unwanted Objects To Curb And Moved Away, Their Pit Bull Was Among Them

Dogs are loyal to a fault. There’s a reason they’re called “man’s best friend.” Sometimes, though, their human companions don’t return that love and affection.

On New Year’s Eve, a pit bull was abandoned by its family in Dallas. After the family moved, they left behind all the things they didn’t want. One of the things they didn’t take with them was the pit bull.

Pit bulls get a bad rap. The breed has a stigma for being aggressive and violent, and they often get abandoned because of this. Some places even have a pit bull ban. However, pit bulls can exhibit just as much love, affection, and joy as other breeds when they’re taken care of properly.

This Texas pit bull was left behind with just a blanket and no food or water. But she stayed with her blanket hoping that her owners would eventually return to get her. Fortunately, one kind person saw the dog and rescued her.

Marina Tarashevksa is the co-founder of Dallas Dog RRR (Rescue, Rehab, Reform). She noticed the abandoned dog and decided to take the poor pit bull home with her. The dog needed some gentle encouragement. After all, she’d been staying with her blanket for a long time.

Marina decided to use the blanket to help guide the pit bull to her house. She slowly pulled the blanket towards her backyard. Once the dog and her blanket were on the property, Marina put the pit bull in a kennel. Marina named her new pit bull friend Camilla.

Camilla was really scared at first. Patti Dawson, the executive director of Dallas DogRRR, said Camilla was frozen in fear a lot of the time. It was difficult to get close to her or touch her. Marina discovered the reason why. Camilla had some wounds on her ears and neck. Marina took Camilla to the vet to get the injuries looked at.

Camilla had to get surgery, but she’s doing well now and is slowly learning how to trust people again. She’s going to stay with her foster family until she’s fully recovered and ready to be adopted. Just a little love can make a big difference in a dog’s life.

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