Faithfulness: More Than A Fad?

Other possible titles:The Meaning Of FaithfulnessLiving Faithful: What It MeansThe world goes ‘round in a daily struggle to throw away personal responsibility. To blame the other person, to find loopholes, to get what we want by hook or crook.Marriages have inevitably suffered from this attitude. Couples that pledged “’til death do us part” find themselves suing for divorce on grounds of unfaithfulness. To them, it was the one act that broke the camel’s back. But in reality, it was the attitude of impermanence that was there from the beginning.Because faithfulness is more than a promise to live with a single partner. More than keeping your lips, your hands, your thoughts to yourself.Faithfulness is deciding that you – your vow, your integrity, your reputation – is worth more than a night of fun. That you are a priceless treasure, a crown to be worn by the one person of your choosing, not a wash rag to be thrown from one whim to the next.Faithfulness is going beyond words to tell your spouse what they mean to you. It is denying yourself the momentary thrill of a suggestive text, a sideways glance, a filthy photo, in favor of long-term martial joy. It is telling them that they, too, are a priceless treasure, a gem that deserves a setting of solid gold.Faithfulness is knowing that a pearl purified by years of irritation is worth more than a New Year’s lei thrown away the next morning. It is an attitude of reverence and awe at the wonderful union of two people choosing to become one. It is saving every sexual act, touch, word, or suggestion for the one person who deserves it, that one who will stand by you through sickness or health, through straining finances or screaming toddlers or dirty laundry or stressful days at work. It is giving your children the security of knowing Mommy and Daddy will never leave, that arguments can be resolved, that love triumphs over selfishness.And in the end, faithfulness is growing old together, while the world is bustling and stressing and spinning on as always. It is avoiding regret for whirlwind romances, and instead knowing pure, tried, mature love, that can share a laugh over the good memories, tears for the sad, and a smile for past struggles.Faithfulness is deciding to take the personal responsibility, and be willing to do anything to stay with the person you loved more than all the world.