Faithful Dog Refuses To Leave Owner's Side After Tree Falls On Him In Storm

After Storm Ciara devastated towns across the United Kingdom including Woolton and Liverpool. A Liverpool-local in his 60s was struck by a falling tree on Tuesday while he was walking his dog around Black Wood, Woolton. Although the man was dying, the dog remained at his owner's side.

A faithful dog remained by his owner after he was hit by a tree that fell due to strong winds from Storm Ciara.

The dog owner was in his 60s and according to the Liverpool Echo, was killed minutes after the impact. With the dog still waiting at the man's side, officers took the pet and used its microchip to aid in identifying the owner. It was also reported that the faithful dog "was not harmed in the incident."

According to the Liverpool Echo, a spokesman for Merseyside Police said, "we can confirm that the man hit by the falling tree branch in Black Wood in Woolton has sadly passed away." 

Thanks to aid from the dog's microchip, authorities were also able to report that "the man, who is in his 60s and from the Liverpool area, has now been identified and his next of kin have been informed."

According to BBC, condolences were wished to the man's family by the Liverpool City Council and they stated that authorities would "cooperate fully with any subsequent investigation". The same BBC report also stated that nearby resident Phil Sorsky said, "it's absolutely shocking" about the path by Wood View Road on which the man was killed. "We've been on to the local authority. The trees have been neglected over the years."

To which a council spokesman responded, "the ancient woodland belongs to Liverpool City Council and the council will co-operate fully with any subsequent investigation."

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