Extremely Similar Baseball Players Resort To DNA Test When Coincidences Start To Suggest A Relation

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

Two baseball players share similarities beyond just their love of the game. Sharing the same name, same occupation, and similar looks, they agreed to undergo DNA testing to see if there was any relation.

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Not only do these players look almost like twins, but they also have the same first and last name. Both men share the name Brady Feigl. This is especially crazy when you consider that Feigl is not even a common last name. Both Brady's are also the exact same height, measuring in at 6'4", Inside Edition reports.

And looking at both of them makes you believe that everyone truly does have a doppelgänger. Each man sports red hair and a matching big red beard.


To top it all off, both men also wear glasses in the same shape and style. Imagine their surprise when they met each other. It was almost like looking in a mirror.

In addition to their physical similarities, they are also both pitchers. One is a pitcher for the Oakland A's and the other one pitches for the AA club of the Texas Rangers. It was their shared background in baseball that brought the two together.

The similarities do not end there. Both Brady's also underwent the same Tommy John surgery for an injury. But that's not all! They also happened to use the same doctor to perform the surgery.

All of these factors were so striking that they consented to have a DNA test performed. It turns out the test could not find any conclusive evidence that the two were related.

You be the judge. Watch this video if see if you believe that these two are related. After you have watched this story, be sure to spread the clip to everyone else that you know to get their opinion. At the very least, you can marvel at the coincidences involved.

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