Extremely Rare Ginger Seal Pup May Need To Be Rescued As Other Seals Are Rejecting It

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

A rare ginger-haired seal pup was discovered in Tyuleniy Island in the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia. Now it appears that the ginger pup might need to be may need to be rescued from his own herd because the other seals seem to be rejecting him for his ginger hair. 

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A ginger-haired seal pup is certainly not very common. The odds on a seal pup being born with these kinds of albino features run about 1 in 100,000. This particular seal was first spotted by Russian biologist, Dr. Vladimir Burkanov along the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia. While scientists were overjoyed to see such a rare seal, this little pup's reception amongst his own kind has not been as warm.

According to Daily Mail, the seal pup has been saddled with the moniker, "The Ugly Duckling," potentially because of how he has been treated by members of his own herd. Burkanov is quick to point out that, while the young seal pup has not been completely rejected by his herd just yet, there are signs that events might be headed in that direction, as reported by The Siberian Times.


The Process of Being Shunned

The good news is that the seal pup has not been rejected by its own mother. Despite its red hair, the mother has continued to tend to the needs of its pup. Burkanov states that this animal appears to be well-fed and just as active as other seals. These are all great signs that its early life was met with the nutrition it needed to get off to a good start.

Unfortunately, Burkanov has also noted that the other seals are not particularly interested in socializing with it. The other seals on Tyuleny Island are not paying much attention to the seal, which is leading scientists to worry that more troubling behavior is on the horizon. While it has yet to happen, Burkanov states that some are concerned that the young seal may become the victim of biting and chasing. These are two classic signs of rejection by a herd of seals.

Challenges for the Ugly Duckling

If trying to fit in wasn't hard enough, it appears that the ginger-haired seal pup may be facing some other potential issues. Because of his genetic condition, it is thought that it may have terrible eyesight. This could lead to the seal not being successful in mating later on in life. It doesn't appear that there is much of a chance of that happening.

Since rejection is a very real possibility, scientists will be standing by waiting to rescue the young seal so they can bring him to a dolphinarium, Daily Mail reports. In this place, the seal will be free to be his red-haired self without any fear of repercussion. Either way, this unique seal will be afforded a happy ending, whether it is with his own kind or being pampered in a dolphinarium.

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