Experts Say That You Can Soothe Cranky Babies By Doing THIS With Their Feet

Mar 18, 2016 by apost team

Babies aren't able to let us know when they're in discomfort. If you feel uncomfortable, say you have a stomachache, heartburn, constipation or a fever, you can walk to the medicine cabinet, drive to the doctor or visit the pharmacy. Some folks forego medicines altogether, rummage through their cupboards and use home remedies. And some use reflexology.

Before using reflexology on your baby, it is advisable to check with your pediatrician first. But did you know you can use foot reflexology to calm a fussy baby? If you've ever seen a reflexology chart, each section of your baby's foot corresponds to an organ, muscle or body part. Through simple pressure, you can relieve all types of ailments for your little one.

The Ultimate Guide To Baby Foot Reflexology

When an infant cries because they have experienced discomfort, we tend to, almost reflexively, rub their hands and feet. Foot reflexology is similar to other types of massage because it offers calming and therapeutic effects. Just think how good you feel at night when you kick off your shoes and rub the balls and soles of your feet. Because babies' ligaments and muscles aren't fully developed, they tend to respond more to the gentle rubs of reflexology.

Head and Teeth

Since points on the hands and feet are matched to specific organs, bones and body systems, it's as simple as learning those points on the reflexology chart to create relief. For example, the tips of your baby’s toes correspond to her head and teeth. This can be very helpful while your baby's teething - simply rub the pain away.


The gentle pressure can also be used to soothe the crying, temper tantrums, the sniffles, excess mucus and if they are having trouble breathing. In addition, the center of the toes corresponds to your baby’s sinuses. Of course, always remember to consult the pediatrician before trying reflexology.


Chest congestion in babies should not be taken lightly. Be sure to consult your pediatrician before applying reflexology pressure. Congestion is probably caused by an infection or cold. The balls of your baby's feet correspond to her lungs, so start there. Chest congestion can lead to problems with breathing, eating and/or sleeping.

Solar Plexus

When you apply pressure to the area below the ball of the foot, you can relieve discomfort in the area known as the solar plexus, which are the nerves located behind the stomach, where an upset stomach or tightness can develop. Rubbing below the ball of the foot may relieve a tummy ache.

Lower Abdomen

And while babies can have bowel obstructions similar to those of adults, the symptoms may differ and be tough to decipher. But you can gently rub the tummy to stimulate the bowels.

Upper Abdomen

And if your baby is gassy, rub the lower region of the sole. Talk to your pediatrician first and put light pressure on the center of the baby’s soles, which correspond with the upper abdomen. Constipation may be relieved by a foot massage.


Your baby’s heel corresponds to the pelvic region. If you think your baby’s tummy and hips have been bothering him, apply light pressure to the heel of his foot.

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