Ex-Teacher Sounds Off On Parents Who 'Coddle and Enable' Their Rude And Disrespectful Kids

Apr 03, 2019 by apost team

Parents have the responsibility and ability to discipline their children when they cross the line, and to teach them not to do so. However, strangers are forced to receive this disrespect. It is not socially acceptable to discipline children who are not your own. This creates awkward scenarios where adults have to accept when random children are being rude or annoying.

This is especially difficult for adults who are supposed to be in a position of leadership such as teachers. Even though parents should handle these incidents, some simply allow their children to be disrespectful.

Teachers often find themselves in this exact scenario every day. This is especially difficult to handle in an occupation that is already underpaid and under-appreciated. One teacher in Texas was especially frustrated by some of her students and their enabling parents.

She became so infuriated that one incident drove her to quit the profession altogether. She took to Facebook to describe one particular scenario that became her last straw.

In her post, Mrs. Marburger described the incident where a mother became upset because her son was held accountable for his bad behavior. The parent scolded Mrs. Marburger in front of the student.


Marburger included a series of disturbing photos to her Facebook that shows the conditions in which she has to teach every day. The photos show textbooks that are torn to shreds, bookshelves that are destroyed, a messy floor, and a wad of gum on the window sill.

As Marburger was provided no classroom budget, all of the destroyed items were purchased with her personal budget.

She said that she was done tolerating a host of unacceptable behavior and was "drawing a line in the sand". Marburger continued to explain that nearly half of her class was failing due to missing assignments.

While teachers are responsible for teaching children during the day, parents are in charge of everything else.

Common decency, respect, and other normal behaviors should be taught by the parents, allowing children to be taught by their teachers. 

Teachers should only have to deal with the occasional sign of disrespect and minor annoyances that children will inevitably exhibit. Mrs. Marburger isn't alone in her sentiments.

Teachers are becoming frustrated with how parents are coddling their children and preventing them from having a meaningful experience in school. Hopefully, something will change in the future before schools lose all of their good teachers. What do you think?