Ex Husband Shows Up At Christmas After Bitter Divorce And Does Something Nobody Expected

Jan 02, 2019

Doesn’t it seem like family issues are always the most difficult around the holidays? For one family, that was definitely not the case. One family received an amazing surprise that astounded them all! A dad surprised a mom with the ultimate romantic gift this Christmas.

Two parents from Ohio had found that after years of tears, fighting and heartbreak, it was time to end their marriage. The two, Jeffery and Lorrie, had been married for 25 years. Yet, neither could stand the constant turmoil that seemed to infiltrate their lives on a daily basis. When the two decided to split up, it was not easy on any of the family members.


After the divorce in 2014, both Jeffery and Lorrie took time to focus on themselves. Neither of the two wanted to jump back into a new relationship after losing the love of their life. The two led very different lives, both trying to find who they were outside of their long-time marriage. Jeffery chose to revamp his career entirely. He also started to deeply explore his passion for poetry in a deeper manner. Lorrie wanted to focus on doing some heavy soul-searching.

She traveled to a remote, rustic sweat lodge and utilized nature to help her find her inner-self. However, after they both took time to focus on themselves, neither of them truly moved on from the divorce. Instead, they grew as individuals.

Jeffery couldn’t shake his feelings for Lorrie and his desire to have her back in his life. After hesitation, he felt that the time was right to ask her on a proper date. The relationship bloomed over a few months as the former couple found themselves seeing each other more and more. Within in just a few months, Jeffery was left with the concrete realization that going through a divorce was a huge mistake on his part. However, he didn’t know if Lorrie felt the same.

When the holidays rolled around, Jeffery decided to do something pretty amazing for Lorrie’s Christmas gift. By the light of the Christmas tree, Jeffery got down on one knee and asked Lorrie if she would marry him all over again. He told her that she was the love of his life and he had realized it through their time apart.

Lorrie said yes! Their son, Jeffery Jr., posted the entire experience online. The video quickly went viral. How powerful is the power of love? Have you experienced a grand gesture of love over the holiday season? Let us know your stories!