Everyone's Eyes Brimmed Over At Jonathan Antoine's Enchanted Rendition Of Unchained Melody

Sometimes the shyest people are endowed with amazing talents. These people have a tendency to shrink away sometimes and fear they may disappoint with their performance. However, when the chance presents itself, they excel in the spotlight.

This is exactly what happened when one young man decided to enter a contest. A few years after the contest the young man has a recording contract and recently received a standing ovation for a performance at a live concert. 

The classically trained tenor is Jonathan Antoine. Jonathan received singing lessons since early childhood and was named Young Musician of the Year at the East London Music Festival in 2010. A year later he performed at the wedding of his voice. He was joined in the performance by a friend named Charlotte.


In 2012, Jonathan and Charlotte auditioned for Brittain's Got Talent. The idea was Charlotte's and was at first met with resistance from Jonathan. His shyness threatened to get the best of him. But a little urging from his voice coach and singing partner was able to persuade Jonathan to perform.

The duo sang "The Prayer" and the judges were more than just a little impressed. Jonathan and Charlott earned a second place finish in the contest and have both recorded singles since then. The duo maintains a close friendship while pursuing solo careers.

Jonathan has now released two albums. He performed at his first live concert recently at Thousand Oaks, California. The song "Unchained Melody" was one of the most memorable portions of the performance by Jonathan. The song is perfect for Jonathan's voice.

The crowd began to cheer immediately when he began to sing the song. The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra accompanied Jonathan on the song. The crowd loved the performance and the joy was clear on the face of Jonathan.

There was a time when Charlotte and his coach had to press on him to get him to take part in competitions. But now the shy young man was performing in a large arena before thousands of onlookers and he enjoyed every minute of the experience.

There were roses thrown at the feet of Jonathan and the standing ovation he received lasted more than just a few moments. You will enjoy watching the video of the once shy young boy who is now a confident professional sharing his gift with the world.

What did you think of Jonathan's performance? How did it make you feel listening to his beautiful voice?  Send the video of his performance to friends. They will enjoy the moment.