Everyone Was Surprised By The Reaction Of This Little Cheerleader Until They Found Out The Real Reason Behind It

Life as a kid is not always rainbows and butterflies, and 7-year-old Hailey McGregor is all too familiar with this. A few short months ago, her family welcomed another baby into the family. Hailey has had a difficult time with adjusting to her new baby brother and on top of this her father, an officer in the United States Navy, was just deployed overseas. It's safe to say that Hailey's life is quite different from what it was a mere 7 months ago.

One thing that has not changed in Hailey's life is her commitment to cheerleading and school. Both of these activities serve to distract her from her changing and tumultuous life. On one particular evening, Hailey was cheering with her team as per usual.

The game was about to start and Hailey was just about ready to start with her routine. It's safe to assume that the unsuspecting Hailey was absolutely shocked when the man over the loudspeaker started announcing her father's name, though it took her a few seconds to comprehend what they were saying.


Given her father's recent absence, it is no surprise that she is overcome with emotion at the mere mention of his name. On top of her sadness at being reminded of his absence, Hailey is overwhelmed with confusion. Why are they saying her dad's name over the speaker at her school's football game? It is then that her mother intervenes and tells her to look towards the other side of the field.

Standing just where her mom pointed to is her dad, with a huge smile on his face. It is abundantly clear that he missed his little girl. At the sight of her dad, Hailey sprints towards him as fast as she can and jumps into his arms. The crowd goes wild at this heartwarming reunion between parent and child. At this point, there is hardly a dry eye on the field.

This moment just goes to show how precious family truly is, and that while times might get tough for little Hailey, the good times outweigh the bad. She may not get to see her dad as much as she used to, but that just means that when she does get to see him, their time together is all the more special and valuable. These are the moments that the McGregor family will cherish forever.

Watch for yourself how this special moment between father and daughter unfolded!

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