Every Night Daddy Puts On The River Dance Music. The Parrot Proceeds To Make The Hilarious Moves.

A parrot named Lovebird does a reasonably good job of imitating Michael Flatley's performance in Riverdance. The beautiful parrot, sporting white and blue feathers, loves to dance while listening to Irish music as performed in Riverdance.

The parrot's tiny feet dance to the beat while keeping perfect rhythm. Anyone looking at the video of Lovebird dancing must smile at the parrot's brave efforts to dance in style. Moving in precise imitation of an Irish step dancer, it is amazing to watch Lovebird dance, especially since his dance moves are natural gifts.

Lovebird easily reminds the viewer of Fred Astaire and Michael Flatley rolled into one amazingly talented parrot. His version of an Irish jig is awesome to behold. Boasting the ability to dance without the benefit of having ever received lessons, Lovebird has a distinct way of moving his feet while listening to the music of Riverdance.


A lovebird is a monogamous creature that remains with one mate throughout life. Also, a lovebird has an amiable personality that makes people feel welcome. In this case, the parrot named Lovebird can dance that makes people laugh and applaud.

When a parrot finds his or her soul mate, the two become inseparable for the rest of their lives. They take care of each other and enjoy spending every minute together. Two loving parrots never want to separate or get a divorce. They adore one another with the same type of love that you feel for your spouse.

Smart, friendly, talented and colorful, many people across the globe enjoy having parrots for pets. Numerous individuals own two pet parrots that have bonded as couples. Some parrots form special relationships with their owners.

If you own and love your parrots, the chances are good that they will reciprocate your feelings. If a lovebird loves you, the bird will snuggle into your arms and preen you as though you are another parrot. You are sure to enjoy watching Lovebird dance. Feel free to offer your feedback about Lovebird's smart dance moves. Pass it along to your friends and family. It will surely put a smile on their face!