Eva Mendes Might Have Been Mrs. Ryan Gosling For Years Already After Calling Him ‘Husband’ On Live TV

Nov 23, 2022 by apost team

In Hollywood, secrets are something that most celebrities try so hard to keep but, often, one way or another they find their way to the press or the media. Whether they like it or not, many have little control over what the public perceives the truth to be. As for actress Eva Mendes, she has made it clear on many occasions that she wants her life to be as private as it can be, despite living in the public eye. 

Very recently, Mendes slipped out a somewhat controversial statement that finally gave an answer to a question that many fans have been hounding for the past few years — is she already married to her longtime partner Ryan Gosling? 

In an interview, Mendes blurted out a pretty telling confirmation of the real score of her relationship with Gosling. 

Since 2011, the two actors have been reportedly dating after they starred together in “The Place Beyond the Pines” along with Bradley Cooper, Rose Byrne and Mahershala Ali, and an ensemble of other actors and actresses. 

Despite her age, Mendes revealed that meeting her dashing co-star solidified her choice to have children. Jokingly, she told the "TODAY" show hosts: “Something really crazy happened. I met Ryan Gosling, I fell in love with Ryan Gosling.” Looking at the Canadian actor — best known for his roles in "The Notebook" and "La La Land" — it is easy to understand Mendes' decision. Once she began seeing Gosling, Mendes realized, “Oh, right, I want your babies.” 

Since the couple went public with their relationship, little is known about their private life as both actors are notoriously tight-lipped about their union. Read on to learn more about Gosling and Mendes’ relationship.

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Eva Mendes (2010), (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Born on Nov. 12, 1980, Gosling started acting as a child as he auditioned for the TV series “The Mickey Mouse Club” and secured a place on the show. Without any formal acting training, he embarked on an acting career with stars like Justin Timberlake.

After making his way from TV to film, Gosling appeared in the cult classic, “The Notebook,” in 2004. After that, he became a household name quickly — and a worldwide heartthrob. 

Following his early childhood success, Gosling continued working and becoming an eligible entertainment bachelor. He dated well-known actresses like Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams.

However, it was only when he started dating Mendes in 2011 that he finally thought of settling down. These days the A-list actor's time isn’t just occupied by his partner, Mendes, but the couple's two young daughters as well. Their first daughter Esmeralda was born in 2014, while Amanda, the youngest, was born in 2016. 

As for Mendes, her full-time job as a mother of two also allows the actress to have a different set of standards when taking an acting gig. 

"As a mother now, there are many roles I won't do. There are many subject matters that I don't want to be involved with, so it limits my choices and I'm fine with that. I have to set an example for my girls now," Mendes wrote, as per InStyle

While the couple seems to be enjoying their journey as parents, the question of their relationship status arose early in 2022, after reports of an alleged breakup surfaced. But this was later debunked by Mendes’ statements in an interview in November of the same year in Australia.


Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling (2012), (Sonia Recchia/Getty Images)

While Gosling was working in Australia for his upcoming movie, “The Fall Guy,” Mendes graced the studio of Channel Nine’s "Today" to talk about the warm reception they received when arriving down under. 

“Everyone is so welcoming here and my husband Ryan is here and we are having the best time,” Mendes told the "Today" hosts.

It's important to note that she casually referred to Gosling as her “husband.” Although the reference isn't actual proof the two are already married, Mendes cheekily gave another obvious response when she was asked about the status again on the "Kylie and Jackie O" podcast. 

"But who says we weren’t already? I like to keep it all mysterious. I’m a very mysterious woman,” Mendes told the hosts. 

On her Instagram account, Mendes also had everybody asking questions and zooming in on her wrist tattoo. In a photo posted on Nov. 16, 2022, Mendes, in a yellow tube top, proudly displayed a small tattoo on her left wrist. Inked “de Gosling,” many believe this was again another indication that Mendes is already Mrs. Gosling. In Latin American cultures, it is common practice for women to add “de” before their husband’s last name after marrying them. 

Speaking about it on the same podcast, Mendes revealed the existence of the tattoo and subtly confessed when she got it inked in the first place. 

“I do have a tattoo. It’s just a press on … no, it’s not a press on. But I got it years ago. I posted a picture and I’ve gotten a lot of funny questions,” she said. 

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